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The photo above was shared on Tom Moore's Blog - The Gentle Way. It was taken in West Palm Beach, FL

Welcome to Your Spiritual Garden! The spiritual gardener is seeking answers. Knowledge involves awareness that all answers are within you. I offer a way to express and share what is going on in YOUR life. Finding this site as a spiritual seeker means there are answers here to some of your questions! 

Do you feel as if you don’t fit in? Do you desire to learn about spirituality minus the preaching and restrictions? Do you feel “different” and understand your thought process is unique? Are you seeking to discover what your purpose in life is? Do you possess natural intuitive abilities and wish to learn more? Are you open to discovering the answers to these questions? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a Light Warrior and in the right space! Feel free to share your observations or ask questions by contacting me directly. I, like you, am here to be of service to the family human! What your spiritual garden offers is way to open yourself to what true "religion" is about. There is a reason for the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament shows the Wrath of God, the New Testament offers the LOVE of God. God is love. Just love. Jesus the Christ was Love, incarnated to show us the way to living a better life, beneficial to all. I choose to use the word "spiritual" because in order to be that better person, I have to start the journey within myself.

 I believe that many (but not all) religions work hard to exclude people, to demand certain criteria that have nothing to do with character and a lot to do with "show." I know Christians who act like Christ and I know Christians who act like the devil. There is never a need to tell someone what you are, your actions speak volumes! Today, we need Light Warriors of every religion and spiritual belief to come out of the closet. We need your energy, your light, your love, your charity, your volunteer work and your assistance in moving this world toward a more inclusive, loving and gentle space. How are you contributing to the world? What are you planting, sharing, and growing?

Now more than ever, believe that what you see is not the whole picture. I personally realize how very difficult this is and will be. Know it is for the best. YOU chose to be here, to go through the drama, the pain, the struggle, and the heartache, yet through it all, there is still sunlight, still rain, and still joy to be found, to be had for free. Are you open to be Joy? Are you open to be love in all, a most difficult path in a time of strife and outright HATE? Are you willing to offer your gifts and talents where they are needed most, or just to a chosen few? Are you willing to speak your truth boldly, not shirk or hide because many others will disagree? I urge you to Be the Light, be the Joy, be the LOVE. Let the haters HATE- it is what they are most comfortable with expressing. YOU want to express something different, something stronger, some thing that will soothe your soul.

Reach out and join others who are seeking the same things. Let us be your comfort. No, I have not forgotten to use the word GOD. God is in all of us, some us just refuse to acknowledge we are all ONE.  Continue to stay in gratitude, stay prayed up, blissed up, and joyful. We need that today more than ever. 

As the information flows, the posts will reflect more advanced spiritual knowledge. Fear not if you are a novice! There are lots of posts that can assist you - all you have to do is search! Should there a specific topic you are interested in, please contact me with your request. I will see what "we" can do! Your Spiritual Garden is now eight years old and continues to improve with the additions of the new people who cross my path. Each person who resounds with my message, or I with theirs is included in some way on the site. Not all the information is "mine" but I have permission to post what is available to be shared freely with all. 

All information on Your Spiritual Garden is protected by copyright laws, and is the exclusive property of Michelle D. Smith unless otherwise noted. Please respect my intellectual property rights and give props where props are due. Information is here to be shared, freely and willingly, PROVIDED you include your Source! Be kind, generous, and honest! Peace, joy, love, and gratitude for you and yours. Come back to visit me often. Stay refreshed and take care of YOU so your garden will grow! Please join the many who are awake, aware, and welcome your input. Stay on your path.  Let me know how your garden grows!