Thank You For Purchasing An ANGEL Card Reading!

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I am so excited to be able to offer an Angel Card Reading to you. As a Certified Angel Card reader, it is both my honor and pleasure to aid and assist you on your spiritual journey. I am notified of your reading request and will respond in a timely manner, usually between 24-72 hours. Bear in mind I do not work on Sundays! To ensure you get the highest information out of your reading, I require no questions or information from you.

Your Angels will share the information your spirit needs - RIGHT NOW! Trust that they will deliver the information for your highest good. Feel free to ask your questions, but please be aware that the angels do not always follow your (or my) directive. They are here for your highest and best good. Trust the process and have faith!

For a 3 Card reading, a general issue will be addressed. The Celtic Cross uses 10 cards in a Tarot layout and is much more detailed. The 6 card rainbow reading offers more details than 3 cards, but not quite as much as the 10 card reading. Upon initiating your reading, I ask the angels which deck would most suit the information you require. That deck is the one I will utilize. Doreen Virtue Angel Cards will be used for ALL Readings! My favorite decks are the Mermaids and Dolphin and Goddess Guidance cards.

Here is a short review from Amazon to introduce you to the beautiful mermaid deck. The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards are specifically designed to help you manifest your goals, life purpose, and Divinely inspired dreams. These 44 beautifully illustrated cards can help you swim into the ocean of your unconscious mind, where profound thoughts and feelings can create—or block—your heart’s desire. While the mermaids were my first deck, I recently added Goddess Guidance and Angels of Abundance. Both decks are beautiful and amazing!

Angel Tarot Cards: Tarot has long been revered for giving detailed and accurate forecasts. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine have created the first deck of tarot cards that is 100 percent gentle, safe, and trustworthy! All of the words in this deck, as well as the artwork by Steve A. Roberts, are positive and beautiful, while still retaining the magical effectiveness of traditional tarot. The accompanying guidebook explains the general meaning of each card and walks you through the steps of giving an accurate reading for yourself and others. Rich with symbolism and imagery—including angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies, and mermaids—the Angel Tarot Cards will provide you with inspiring guidance on your life journey! Your reading will be emailed within 48 hours(other than weekends). Should there be any unexpected delays, you will be notified immediately. I appreciate your trust in me and your Angels. Have a most blessed and productive day.

Namaste Michelle