Hello Dear!

The Universe LOVES a grateful heart and will reward a generous spirit with the ability to both give and receive MORE!
Doreen and Radleigh 6 of Earth
from Angel Tarot.
I recently added a donation page. If and when you are so moved to share a love offering, it will be most appreciated! The link is below. That said, my site will always be free. 

I love being able to share the info I find and the inspirations I write. How and when you give is up to you!
Kitty NOIR says Thank YOU!

This link is for the 25 Worst Charities thanks (Daily Kos) in the USA! Please check it out and never, EVER donate to one of these fake charities. With all charities, you should know how much their executives are paid and how much of every dollar is spent on actual "charity donations" It is important to keep them HONEST!

The importance of giving, of having a generous heart cannot be overstated. How, where and what you give is a reflection of you and your values. Choosing to donate money, time, energy or support in a myriad of ways reflects the acts of giving and receiving, which are the same cyclical energy. In order to receive, you must be open to giving. In order to give, you must be open to receiving.  By being open, you access the invisible strings that connect each of us to the other. We are all one and are all required to participate in changing how our world looks and feels. Generosity begins in the heart, expands to the mind and improves our world. Thank you for your generosity!   

The Greater Good supports various groups around the world.  Click on the link, you will see the entire list of charitable donations including autism, veterans, the rain forest, you get my drift.

Every day, every single day, I go through, read the posts for the breast cancer and animal rescue pages and CLICK. You can also shop for unique gifts and housewares for yourself and others. Each purchase also contributes to that specific fund.

Thanks for caring. Share with others please!   The Greater Good Network
Thank you for your generosity and for being part of my world!