My angel card reading testimonials no longer exist. When I transferred my site from my beloved WordPress site, little did I know how much data I would give up. I lost a minimum of 20 or more testimonials. Had I not pulled these two out, I would have nothing to show for years of work. Oh, well. Such is life. 

The link to provide a personal review is included with every angel card reading overview. I am grateful to each person who takes the time to provide a review for you to assess if receiving Angelic assistance is right for you. Do what I do before every purchase! Check out the testimonials and reviews!

An angel Card Reading differs from Tarot, Spiritual or even Akashic readings. While all 3 involve some element of intuition, many people have a negative reaction or fear of Tarot. Tarot is Direct, sometimes brutally so. It is very often specific and TRUE! Lots of folk just cannot handle truth shared in this way.

Spiritual and Akashic readings done by a trusted spiritual person are wonderful to use as a means to check in with yourself during many life changes and phases. What I ADORE about Angel Card Readings is YOU get the exact information YOU need, no matter what your actual question is. Ponder on that for a minute. Many of my testimonials are for "general" questions. As in they ASKED NO Question, just wished to have general information.

In all of those readings, they STILL received the Exact Information they needed to hear! Your Angels are here to assist, guide, guard and protect you at all times in ALL ways. ARE YOU OPEN TO RECEIVE? Thank you for your love, light and open-minded consideration in requesting an Angel Card Reading! Angelic Blessings winging your way!

For those who want to dabble before investing, check out my Free Angel Card Reading page!


These reviews are quite special. Debbi Mancini is a true friend who I discovered on Facebook. We met for lunch in Ellicott City last summer and it was as if we had known each other for years!
This is how her review begins: Debbie says: February 5, 2015 at 4:04 PM:  

"Holy heck! If you have ever been interested in having an angel card reading done, I highly recommend that you reach out to Michelle Smith. Although she and I are Facebook friends, we have never met, and Michelle has never glanced behind the proverbial curtain here in DebbieLand. She knows what she reads here, and although I am very transparent when I speak or write about something, like most folks, there is more under the surface in my private life that I choose not to share publicly. Michelle is not privy to anything other than Public Debbie.

With that said, Michelle just did a long-distance reading for me since we are in different states, and I don't know why, but I expected a weak reading, certainly not because of any doubt in her abilities, but more because of a nagging feeling that I had to be there in person in order to have a strong connection, and thus, a good reading. Boy, was I wrong! I was very wrong!

Michelle was thorough and spot-on in the areas which I was hoping to tune in to. I was amazed that she did not even touch upon areas which are not a concern for me right now. Her reading was definitive. She stayed on task, even when she stated twice that certain cards showed up in an odd order. Although it was puzzling to her in the moment, she persisted, and then it fell into place. The messages were strong, clear, and concise.

At one point, she said that during the reading, she was intuitively receiving a message; and after relaying that message to me, she asked if it meant anything special to me. She realized just how much it meant when it took me a while to compose myself in order to mutter a soft, 'Yes.'

If you know me, you know that I'm rarely, let me say that again, I am RARELY rendered speechless. Michelle knowingly sat quietly for a moment before continuing with the reading. She knew it was a monumental moment for me. She fully respected it, and honored it with me.

I kid you not when I say that there was a lot of information to absorb, and yet it was specific only to the important things for me right now. Prior to, and during my reading, Michelle did not know what areas were important to me, and what areas were not. I am still amazed that she did not once touch upon an area that was not of importance to me.

She could easily have ... but did not ... hit on the romance card with this single 50-something year old woman (I mean, who in that category would that card not somehow apply to, right?!) I was very impressed that she, instead, homed right in on the areas I had hoped she would hit with no hint or mention from me ... and she did more than hit upon them. She nailed them. She nailed them precisely with specific information and instructions.

Of course, intellect and free-will are important when it comes to instructions, yes?

Although I took notes, she emailed her own notes from the reading to me. I am still making my way through the information. I am still breaking it down into bite-sized chunks and processing it; however, I must admit that I paid attention to the right-up-front messages. I especially took immediate action on the 'meditate on this now' and the emphatic 'STOP this right now' messages.

Again, if you have entertained the thought of having a reading, do yourself a favor and hit this name ... Michelle Smith ... which is highlighted right now, and send her an inbox message. I would like to think that I am now Michelle's biggest fan; however, I am certain that I am just one of a gazillion!

Yes. She is that good!"


This earlier review comes from Ponder Central. If you love quotes (like I do),please check out this site. A Series of Inspirational and/or Thought-provoking Messages shared since 1999 by "Spirituality Simplified" author Jeff Maziarek

Here is Jeff's review: BONUS PONDER on THIS - posted May 6, 2014
"Last fall through a shared connection I connected on Facebook with a woman named Michelle D. Smith who, among other things, provides services as a certified Angel Card Reader. I was intrigued by her work and decided to try her services to gain some insight regarding a situation I was facing. Now that I have done so I have to say the information she provided was very relevant to my situation and insightful as well. As such, I recommend her services as a spiritual growth resource. Also note that the price of her Three Card Reading using a 1 card deck is a very affordable $24.99 (my prices have since been raised). Here is the link to learn more about her readings. In addition, please note that Michelle's website at Your Spiritual Garden has a wealth of information related to spirituality, so by all means check it out when you get a chance."


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