Spiritual Resources for Your Growth in Mind, Body and Spirit!
I have used the practitioners I share. These are real folks with REAL skills! Take a look at the spiritual resources offered and if so inclined, use the services or information! Astrology and Numerology have long been interests of mine. These specialties offer different insights into your life, what you were Born to Do and Be, as well as personal challenges and opportunities along the way.

There are too many benefits to exploring and utilizing Pure Light Technology offerings to enumerate. Just a few of the benefits include:
a) Deodorizing your home or office by eliminating offensive odors, including smoke and cat litter funk!
b) Bring natural spectrum light inside, benefitting plants and humans!
c) Help remove mold, mildew and their associated “funk”
Please check out all the information at
Pure Light Technology! Making homes, businesses Cleaner, Fresher, Happier and Safer! Please check it out if you are looking for natural odor control and a healthier household, business, day care, assisted living, etc…

For those who are seeking MORE and understand astrology and numerology, please check out Astrology For Ascension. Jenny is PHENOMENAL!

Free Angel Card Readings

My Angel Card Readings and Services

Sherri Bishop shows a way to live your life with DE-Lite!
While she no longer offers monthly calls, her site, Incredible Joy is available anytime you need a smile or two!

Spiritual Protection!
I have used the Bubble Of Light for Protection for decades. Learn more Here!

Reading Books!
I have a page of books dedicated to spiritual growth, healing and development.
You may find my Mermaid Book on Amazon My Life As A Mermaid

Meditation and Prayers!
Meditation and prayers are age old methods to connect, reflect and express joys, pains, fears and love. I offer several of my favorite methods. You are welcome to review and reflect on what feels right for your spirit!

I am not a strong advocate for those in the energy healing arts. This is not to say healers are frauds or anything of the sort. I personally, never felt the need to have a "healing." Let me say I was Oh So WRONG! I had an amazing, intense and empowering healing session with Jean Rockefeller (of Jack the Watcher fame) and it blew me away. Literally! The healing was so powerful and personal that I will be working with this energy for weeks. My need to release past lives, guilt, fear, anger and betrayal was unacknowledged consciously and unconsciously. This healing is not for the dabbler. This healing is for the spiritual seeker who is awake, aware and READY to Let Go of every single thing that no longer serves you, the greater Good or God. YOU made a commitment when you came here - a commitment to serve. Are you feeling blocked, stagnated or just not growing as you desire? Please check out Jean's site Make your own decision. I HIGHLY Recommend. HIGHLY!


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Jean Rockefeller and Jack the Watcher

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