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This offering is an example of the visualization of the Bubble of Light for Protection.
Some Background:

I have consciously used the bubble of light since I was in my very early 20′s. My children have been brought up to use it and they do, even though they think I am a bit crazy!  While I understand the concept and had no problem visualizing the energy, it was not until this year that I realized just how magnificent a gift this really is. 
Our world is many layers/levels.  Some of which we can see, lots of which we cannot see.  I had a dream about 2o years ago that we would have a time that we would actually physically put the armor of light on when leaving our homes or safe havens. 
While I do not think those times will occur, the magnitude of the protective energies of love and light have NEVER been more important.

So, I am passing this info along in the hopes that you will share with others. It is very easy to visualize and I will add pictures as I find them to assist with the visualization. The posting is long due to how very detailed the information is. Please see the complete article below.

Thanks for reading!

      Bubble of Light             for Protection     Thanks to the  Golden Age of Aquarius  for permission to use their picture

      Bubble of Light             for Protection

Thanks to the Golden Age of Aquarius for permission to use their picture


This lengthy discourse explains in detail why you WANT to use the Bubble of Light for Protection. I received this information from Ms. Ruth Ryden in 2012 with very specific instructions on creating, using and the importance of the “Bubble of Light”

THE PROTECTIVE SHIELD OF LIGHT aka The Bubble of Light for Protection
by: Ruth Ryden

“This coming year is likely to be one of severe stress for many people – massive floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.  Only you, each one of you, will be able to serve your own needs by realizing there are ways to prevent utter breakdowns of personal clarity and sanity.

We will discuss several different pressures and emotions that cause people to throw up their hands and give up, together with the negative spiritual energies that have always given humanity the chance to tell right from wrong.

“The Devil Made Me Do It” is a popular belief when someone is too lazy or too wound up in greed or lust to abort thoughts or actions that need to be considered more carefully.  Main line churches have always taught that Satan/Lucifer/ Devil is a terrible energy let loose on the world to tempt and terrify humankind.  Let us make it clear that the energy put into your dimension to act as a negative force was also created by God, for the very purpose of creating a positive/negative force that would give human beings the opportunity to use their inner wisdom to either accept or reject negativity. How would you ever learn anything if you did not have the opposite catalyst by which to see the varying nuances of human behavior and thought?  This energy was known as Lucifer, a high Angel who volunteered “his” services in this manner.

The energy who represents the Fallen Angels of the universe and who commands the demons and negative beings who have tormented  humanity throughout the ages, is known by the name of Satan.  Satan is allowed on your planet only until the new positioning of the planet has been completed.  Then , humanity will recognize the different vibrations of their lives, a new freedom from fear.  This energy works with Lucifer only to the extent of bringing into being temptations to the weak, trying to find followers for its legions.  If there is a will to reject such temptations, Lucifer will strengthen that will.

Now, how to protect against the Legions of Evil?  In the first place, interest in negative occult practices creates an energy that draws those beings to you.  Action follows thought.

If one insists upon studying these things, demons and evil thoughts will come into the mind and even into materiality.  “Evil” is not just a religious word, it is an actuality, created by beings who turned their God-given abilities into a system of obtaining power – power they are trying their best to expand into your universe and others nearby.  To call a human being evil is a misnomer, for no incarnated spiritual being can ever approach the meaning of that word, unless one of the fallen angels has been able to fall into flesh, which is rare.

Your own thought patterns set up fields of protection against such evil beings.  One cannot dabble in black magic, and then call out to God for protection from the demons!  The decision has to be made, one way or the other.  Whatever you think, you create.  Can you create your own demons?  Absolutely.  They will probably be a poor substitute for the real thing, though.

Remember the old saying “Be constantly in prayer”?  This is another way of saying to keep your thoughts on a high level of love, caring, and giving.  Many people talk to God all the time, or to their Angels, knowing they are heard and knowing what they need is being created for them in their best interest.  This frame of mind itself creates a mighty “wall” of protection that evil ones cannot even begin to breach.  We have said many times that fear, anger, guilt, and resentments build a wall between you and God; that is correct.  Complete protection against any form of evil can only be accomplished when there has been complete forgiveness for real or imagined assaults, complete trust in God for protection, and complete, unrestricted love for all beings.

The fear, lust for power and greed in the world, today have created situations that leave many people in fear of their lives.  Those who know truths that others in high places do not wish to be known find themselves in dangerous situations. Let us make this very clear; the mental creation of a “Shield of White Light”, when fully understood, is an extremely powerful wall of protection!  However, it must be created with the full understanding that you are calling upon the most powerful forces in the universe to surround you with that protection, not just a “light”.  Intensify that Light until you can really feel that power, then relax and let it be.  If you feel under any kind of threat, put up that power around you.

This power consists of  Creative Love, the actual Power of God.  There is nothing that can break through that wall, unless you allow it to do so.  Know that your understanding and creation of that Light must come from perfect trust; one negative thought of disbelief will destroy your wall of protection.  “Trust in the Lord” is a powerful set of words; in this world of skepticism and suspicion, it is hard to do.  Practice this Trust, especially now.  You all have need of that spiritual protection as you go forward to help teach and heal.  Those of you who channel need very much to allow only the highest thoughts from Universal Mind to come through that Light, and they will.  Can this actually stop someone from harming you?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Such an intention by anyone will come up against an entirely different emotional vibration that will make them back off.  Even animals are affected by the Shield of White Light – they feel it even more and recognize it as a strong deterrent to their hunger or anger.

How does one use this to protect against the danger of falling buildings, fire or flood?  How long does the field last?

Ordinarily, the “Shield of White Light” lasts as long as the person needs it.  This is determined by your inner Higher Self.  If there is a continuous dangerous situation of any kind that you wish protection against, it will stay in place constantly.  On the other hand, this has a lot to do with your own belief and trust in this protection.  Many people jump in and out of belief systems and practices, as they would a change of clothes.  A White Light that is created for a specific purpose fades away if and when that person either has no further conscious need of it or if, for some reason, their faith in such protection is eroded by someone telling them it is nonsense.  Your trust, your faith, your knowing, is the fuel that creates and keeps in place that beautiful Light of Protection.

Do you really need to go around with this concentration of creating such a force field all the time?  Of course not.  You do have an inner warning system, remember.  If you have learned to listen to inner guidance, it will tell you when you need to put up your Spiritual Shield.  To those of you who live in areas of earthquake activity or near a pregnant volcano, it might be well, just for your own peace of mind, to set your Shield into place each morning.  Can a Spiritual Shield keep a house from falling on you?  Of course not.  The Spiritual Shield does work with your inner warning system, however, as it picks up vibrations from all around you, activating your inner guidance to warn you of danger.  Then, it is up to you to get away from the source of the danger.  Ultimately, it is up to you to take care of yourselves; this Spiritual Shield is given by God to protect you from negative vibrations and to alert your warning system.

Can you protect someone else with your Shield?  No, the Light is a very personal thing.  You can set into place a Shield of White Light around another person, especially when they are ill or in danger they might not be aware of, but only if their conscious mind accepts the concept of such protection.  Most people can feel the difference in the vibrations around them when this is done.  If, for any reason, they feel uncomfortable with it, the Shield will dissipate.  It is better to let the person know what you intend to do and why, so they may relax and accept it.  Many people feel unqualified to be able to do such a thing and ask someone else to do it for them.  As long as they can accept what is being created, it will work.

Can one draw others into your own Shield of Light?  The circumstance varies quite a bit.  In the case of a sudden emergency, pulling someone to you, touching your body closely, will encase them in this protective element.  A mother holding a child, especially, will always provide that extra protection for the child, or for any person who is not able to think clearly for themselves.

There is more to this than simply creating a Living Wall of Light; there is the matter of working with that Light.  By this, we mean that human beings have a way of accepting into themselves whatever they see, hear or feel.  It is the duty of the nerves in your bodies to be actively alert to feed all sensory perceptions into your minds and bodies.  You cannot turn all of this off, of course, for then you would be dead.  However, you can censor what is accepted into your mind.  Unwanted emotional perceptions of people or circumstances that create intense fear can be blocked with the help of the Shield of Light.  If or when such emotions of fear start to build up in the emotional field, draw upon the light vibrations in your Shield to come into your bodies just below the Heart Chakra.  That Light of Love will transpose the negative emotions into strength and self-confidence; emotions that you can work with to deal with any uncomfortable  situation.

The coming months and years contain many challenges to humanity, the animal kingdom, and Mother Earth herself.  The new balance that must be found is what this is all about.  The constant, fluctuating frequencies that are hitting your bodies and minds are part of the seeking for balance of a new frequency for the Earth.  As the inner core of your planet is pushed this way and that, rocks heat and cool, fractures permit new positioning of the in and outer mantels, all is in a constant striving toward this goal; just so are your bodies undergoing changes and stress as they seek the new frequencies.

Use the Shield of Light as a tool to keep you in balance and as a sign of the certain Love of God always around you.  Most of you are aware that your direction has already been decided before you came into this lifetime and no matter what happens, you are well prepared.  Bring into the months and years ahead your inner power, your inner wisdom, and your inner strength to every circumstance and you will have succeeded in your purpose for living.”