A Short List of My Favorite Books For Spiritual Development I cannot BELIEVE I did not add a page for BOOKS. Books have been my constant companions. I begin reading at age 5 and still read today. While I mostly read for the sheer joy, I have had the grace to be always surrounded by books that enhance my spiritual growth. I include both non-fiction and fictional books because both can assist your spiritual growth. Many authors use their fictional writing to offer insights into spiritual values. I offer my humble favorites for your review! Do you have a favorite author to include? Contact me!

So, here is the thing about buying books for spiritual growth. Not every book you buy will be suitable for you right NOW. However, if you have been drawn to a particular book, you will be ready to read it in the future. So, buy the book when you see it so it will be available for you when YOU are ready. FICTION!

I have a book I am reading, currently, that has been in my home for at least 10 years. 10 YEARS! I recently "found" it and put it on my desk to read. That was at least a month ago. Two weeks ago, I started reading it. The book is amazing. It is called "View From Another Dimension" by Bethany J. O'Halloran channeling messages from ArchAngel Michael. Pretty deep. It was one of a pile I bought from one of my spiritual advisers when she moved from her home. I chose the book several times, and each time put it back. "Take the book" she said. "I am charging you $10 for whatever spiritual books fit into that paper bag". This was just one of those books. You will discover is a book you "need" will find you. You will see this dynamic over and over again. Books, especially spiritual books, often fall off shelves in a bookstore or a library. Trust, this has happened several times in my young life! There is an old spiritual adage that states "When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will appear." In my life, some of those "teachers" have been in book format. Nowhere is that more apparent than in finding and reading books for spiritual development. I have put together a list of my "FAVORITES." PLEASE feel free to send a comment with your own favs. I know you have a few "go to" spiritual books so please SHARE! Think of it as your gift to the world. I keep telling you - YOU are NEEDED right NOW!

Books for Spiritual Growth
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While I work on the Book widget (this site sucks as a progressive, 2018 site) the books I offer include Acts Of Faith and 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. I will update this as I have time.

Thank you!