Angels Speak

Weekly Angel Card August 29, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Blessed CHANGE! This week's angel card advises that no matter how your current situation appears, you will in a better place when this is over. If you have been paying attention, you understand that life is constant change. Without change, life stagnants and gets stinky like swamp water. We are and deserve more than that. Don't fear or resist change, because like flowing water, it will find a way to move past your obstacles. Embrace the changes that come your way with grace, hope and endless gratitude for joy is a coming! Change assists you in releasing that which no longer serves you. You have learned important spiritual lessons, now is the time to release those "teachers" and move forward, without regrets or recriminations. Affirm often "I welcome Divinely inspired change and I stay centered in the eye of the hurricane as change occurs around and within me. All change is for my highest good. I know that love is stable and always provides for me and my loved ones - no matter what our outer situations appear to be." angel card, Blessed Change A blessed change ushers in new opportunities to learn, grow, prosper and create new relationships. The key is to keep breathing and enjoy what the angels bring. If you feel pushed toward accepting new responsiblities, know you are ready and qualified to handle what comes your way. Go forth and prosper! Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. It is an amazing card to pull, one that invites reflection and appreciation for all that was, is, and will be. The angels thank you for being open to receiving the message of angel card of the week!

Weekly Angel Card August 21, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaid and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Music For Manifesting This week's angel card asks you to own the manifestation powers you have achieved through working on your spiritual growth. Music allows you to access higher spiritual frequencies, thus sending your desires in a pure, direct way. Music has the power to wrap you in a protective field, raise your energy level and guard against negativity. Music also brings joy and light into your life. angel card music Since this is the weekly angel card, you are being urged to play any music that suits your mood as often as possible. Move with the music, feel the joy in your spirit. To manifest using music, sit quietly and think about your desire. Imagine that what you want you already have. Feel how grateful that realization is, how happy you are now that you have accomplished what you set out to achieve. Know this is your REALITY! As you feel that reality, begin to hum, chant or sing. That melody sends your desires into the Universe, to be handled by God and assisted through your angels. Do you feel the energy? It is time to SING!

Weekly Angel Card August 14, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine #20 Renewal Ths week's angel card is #20 Renewal. Upon 1st glance, I thought "Judgement" and racked my brain to remember which card this reflects in the Tarot. Guess what? It IS the Judgement card! angel card, angel tarot #20 Renewal There were a few angel tarot cards where the name was changed to reflect a gentler message. However, in this case, the message is the same. It is reckoning time. This does not have to be negative. It offers a reflective review on what has occurred for you this month, this summer or this year. Does your current path reflect where you intended to go? Have you wandered off course and need a correction? How have you treated YOU? Review and evaluation is crucial in most life decisions. One must balance what they want with where they are and determine if your current path gets you There. On the other hand, the sword of justice cuts both ways. There may be one or several favorable outcomes for projects begun a while ago. Or, this may be a crossroad, a decision to start something anew. In any event, this is the angel card of self evaluation. Call upon ArchAngel Jeremiel to assist you with any questions or decision you must make. Trust yourself and your angels. It is why they are here! Thank you for reading this week's angel card. Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Angel Card August 7, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels by:Doreen Virtue FLIRT! This angel card says "Get Your Flirt ON"! Have fun and make more eye contact, smile and say Hello. Remember what Tara Banks say - SMIZE - Smile with your Eyes! As you have fun and engage others in a lighthearted manner, you bring out the joy and fun of meeting new people. Flirting is a lighthearted energy, playful and inviting. People Flirt because it works! angel card, romance angel card, flirt The more open and aware you are to opportunities, the more opportunities you will have to meet new people. Everyone is a potential friend. Of course, pay attention to your gut feelings, but relax and enjoy the process. You never know who will be drawn into your world by your smizing face! Thanks for reading this week's angel card. Go ahead! Get Your Flirt ON (to the beat of Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak On)!

Weekly Angel Card July 2016

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels Cards by:Doreen Virtue Attraction! My readers must want more Romance in their lives! The angels have heard your request and send this angel card to the rescue! By now, you understand that attracting what you want instead of forcing or straining to attain something is the preferred method to achieve your desires. When you attract something to you, you can be sure your energy matches what (or who) you have attracted - in perfectly divine ways. angel card, romance angels, attraction Stay in the present moment and enjoy all the beauty the Universe sends your way. That cooling breeze, a lovely flower or a gorgeous butterfly are all reminders to appreciate the joy and beauty that surrounds you, every day. When you enjoy yourself, you glow with an inner light that can be seen by those with eyes to see. Strain, on the other hand, reflects an attitude of fear of not having or achieving that which you desire. Fear blocks your blessings ALL THE TIME. Remove fear from your mind and your heart. If you don't know how, feel free to contact me directly or request and angel card reading. Your angels will be happy to show you the way! What I have discovered in my decades of meandering along my own path is this: God knows what you want and why you want it. The WHY is important, which is the reason you should be fearless in your quest for the romance you desire. Listen to your angels. They WANT to help. Pay attention to the whispers and enjoy yourself every day. Thank you for reading this week's angel card!

Weekly Angel Card July 24, 2016

Angel Card of the Week Romance Angel Cards by:Doreen Virtue New Love! The romance angels sent this angel card to let you know a new love is on the horizon. This could be someone you recently met, or will meet in the near future. As with all angel cards, the information is to advise you to be aware, stay in the present and keep a smile on your face because you never know when your opportunity will present itself. romance angel card, new love If you wish to be in a relationship, this is especially good news. While meeting new people appears to be difficult, the reality is your angels work hard on your behalf to "arrange" those sychronistic events to bring people together. Your faith is important now. Never forget that God wants you in positive, productive and inspiring relationships. Relationships that make you a better person. This takes care and time. This angel card assures you that yes, love is on the horizon! Keep your positive flow going and let your light glow. Bring that new love into your life with joyful assurance that it is now your turn. You deserve love and are lovable. Stay beautiful and uplifted! Have a blessed week. Thanks for reading the angel card of the week.

Weekly Angel Card July 3, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Consult An Expert This week's angel card says you have done all you can with a situation and need to bring in an expert.This could refer to a business you have, are beginning or wishing to expand. It can also involve relationships. Especially where family is concerned, it is helpful to bring in an outsider's opinion. The people who know you best also know the best buttons to push to light your fuse. And you know theirs. No matter what you need help with this week, know your angels want to assist. To attract the right expert for you, state the following affirmation, out loud "A helpful, knowledgeable and experienced person with integrity is in my life right now and this individual will help me with {describe your current situation fully}. This person comes to me easily and effortlessly without delay." angel card, consult an expert When this person appears be willing to ask for and accept the help that God and your angels sent your way. No need to hesitate or feel guilty. Take notes and be grateful to this person for showing up. Extend that gratitude to God and your angels for always providing the answers you require. On face value, this angel card seems pretty straight forward. On a deeper level, the angels are asking you to request their assistance more often. It is why they are are, with you. Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. This may be the last reading for a week or two. I will be back to the weekly angel card readings after my hiatus.

Weekly Angel Card June 26, 2016

Angel Card of the Week Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Break FREE This week's angel card asks you to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently. Try new places to eat, expand your horizons, volunteer, take a different route home from work. Breaking Free is about tearing off the chains that bind and creating new opportunities to grow and thrive. angel card, break free Make a commitment to yourself, today to explore and experiment. Be Bold! Be Brave! What have you to fear? This is the best time of year to get out and do more with your life. Change your hairstyle, try new foods. Just do something to shake up your boring routine. For those of you like me, who have no "routine" Bravo! Do More! Maybe you won't like a single new thing you try, but maybe you will. At the very least, you will know you were brave enough to try something different, and will be the better for it. So get out there and have some fun. Surprise your friends, your family and yourself by doing things just a bit differently! Have a blast and enjoy your week! Thank you for reading this week's angel card.