Why Bother?

Have been in a personal funk for the last week or so. I usually have the ability to bounce back from setbacks, grief and challenges, but for some reason, this death has hit me hard. I don't feel like doing better, talking to people or posting "inspirational" things on my blog. Why should I BOTHER? Seems kinda pointless to worry about others when my pool of people who actively "worry" about me grows smaller. While I am doing the best I can, I see no use in wasting my time trying to uplift anyone else. Let someone else do the hard work. Let someone else volunteer their time, energy and talent. I feel just fine doing nothing. Unfortunately, until I get out of this funk I am in, I will do no more writing. In the meantime, there are so many posts here, I am sure if you are really looking for something, you can find it here. Just SEARCH. Be blessed until..... Michelle

How Do You Self Medicate?

Cannot even get out of the week without another tragedy occurring. Please keep your heart and mind intact. There will be more tragedies occurring as more negativity seeks to find a way out, a way to demoralize the collective "us." My prayers, thoughts and sympathy for West, TX whose fertilizer plant exploded. Yet another thing that no one would ever see coming. Hold tight to your FAITH, Love and Humanity. We need each other now! My prayers go out to the families of those hurt or killed Monday in Boston. My prayers also go out to Boston, our country and our world. We need as much light and love now as we ever have. It is so important to NOT be swept away by the media madness that follows (and will follow) all disasters as they are happening. The first thing to do when a tragedy occurs is to turn off the TV. Yes, TURN the TV off. Walk away from what has happened. Pray or meditate to send love and healing where it can be used the most. Imagine that if you were there, what words of comfort would you offer. Then send that prayer. Find things that are at your disposal to help yourself medicate. I would implore you NOT to use actual food, because there is more to come. Eating more means having less clothes you can fit and we cannot have that, can we? No, I am talking about listening to music, reading, cooking, baking or watching a movie. While I did request you not use food, baking and cooking soothes me. Especially when it is for later in the week. The media literally foams at the mouth when tragedies occur, I usually opt for an on-demand movie or cable. No commercials. I have a list of “go to movies” that always make me feel better. They are all OLD movies! Today, I watched Chronicles of Riddick. My son came in and said “You are watching that AGAIN?” When I said it was a comfort food movie, he GOT it. We all have movies and TV shows that take us to another place, a place where we would rather be. Rather than indulge in the media fest, why not just walk away? Whatever happened, will still be there tomorrow, or whenever your psyche can handle the trauma. Trust, there will always be MORE down the road. You have opened a door to be more open, loving, and “sensitive.” By removing your energy from the situation, you stay empowered and uplifted. You then have the opportunity to share from a space of love, not one of fear. Make your own list before the next tragedy occurs. Here is what I discovered this week. As I said, I have a “go to” list of movies in my repertoire. So far, since Monday, four of those movies have been on TV. Be willing to ASK for what you need – you will be amazed at the response. God loves you – so do I. Stay strong. We need your light and LOVE. Thanks for reading! Michelle

RIP and Thank You Roger Ebert

Not JUST a movie critic! We will miss his joy of life and wit. While not agreeing with every movie critique, I still watched and enjoyed every show. He will be missed. May his family be blessed and rest in the knowledge that he was truly BELOVED. "I believe that if, at the end, according to our abilities, we have done something to make others a little happier, and something to make ourselves a little happier, that is the best we can do. To make others less happy is a crime. To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime STARTS. We must try to contribute JOY to the world. That is true no matter what our problems, our health, our circumstances. We MUST TRY! I didn't always know this and am happy I lived long enough to find it out." From: Life Itself By: Roger Ebert RIP my brother!

RIP Donald Bryd the Magnificent!

I have always appreciated really good music. In my early twenties, I was introduced to Grover Washington. Then I met Stanley Clarke, Noel Pointer and Mr. Donald Bryd. Jazz feeds my spirit. While I prefer instrumentals, I do any song with great music backing up the singing. Don't hear much music like this nowadays. Feeling like sharing a couple of my favorite tunes - have the ALBUM! So much joy and love when I was younger. Wonder where it all went? Thanks for reading and listening! Michelle Love HAS Come Around! Butterfly

Holding On

January brought much loss, upheaval, death and despair to my family. Simply put, I have never had a January like 2013. Rolling with the punches? Not unless I felt like never, ever getting up off the floor. That is how many punches were thrown in January. Takes a lot out of you, your family and friends when every few days, yet another person has died. The dead have it easy. They have moved on, they no longer are in pain, feel despair or suffer in anyway. Those emotions are left for the living. Not going to be a long post. In spite of all the loses of January, this is still a new year. There is still much to enjoy and be grateful for. Some losses affect the rest of your life. Some of my loses will surely affect mine. I am holding on to the promise made. The promise that those who did not wish to be here were and will be granted the right to LEAVE. It appears that many are taking this exit strategy. I hold none in blame. This life is a learning curve for all who are here. Make the best of your time. Be generous, open, humble and loving. Give more than you take, but do not be ashamed to ask and take when you need. The cycle of life is a circle. What goes around indeed does come around. Be on the right side of what you have coming. Be the love you were sent here to be. Your choice, your life. Thanks for reading! Michelle Noel Pointer - Hold ON!

That's What Friends Are For

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." — Anaïs Nin (Thanks! Friends are treasures shared by God and selected by YOU to help you in this life journey. All friendships, good, bad and ugly are shared for a reason. Sometimes the reason may be to reflect who you are back to you – in full shining glory. Some friends lift your spirit – every time you see or speak with them. Some friends bring you down. These Debbie downers have their place as well. Many times they represent who you were in the past. When you no longer resound with that person, small conflicts can grow into larger blow outs. No need for all the drama. What is needed is closure and appreciation for what you’re shared past. Some friends love you unconditionally. All times, in all ways. NO matter what. What I used to call my “Ride or Die Bitches.” These are the friends that have your back, will defend you to the end and even participate in whatever unsavory activities required in the moment! As I have gotten older, I appreciate my few friends all the more. With two rapid deaths in my families, leaving gaping holes in my life and the lives of my family, we still have the ability to share love. Love is the glue that holds us together, no matter what. Love is the definition of what a real friend is. A real, true friend is love in action. Treat yours accordingly. You never know when the last time you see them will BE the last time you see them. Thanks for reading and letting me share some pain. Michelle That's What Friends Are For!

Getting My Ass Kicked in 2013 – Are you?

RIP Mr. P. All of Somerset will miss you. I will miss our conversations. While I know you are in the best place, WE still feel pretty damn sorry for ourselves today. Love You Mr. P! 2013 has proven to be the worst start of a year ever. In fact, I can guarantee had I ever had a year start like this, I would not be here. Why would I stay somewhere that is treating me as less than a stepchild, hell, right now I feel like a junkyard dog? Half starved, kicked, beaten, and then I have to listen to all the Jesus freaks tell me it will get better. You’re damn right it will get better. Sure as, BETTER is what I am looking for. Not a lot of cheer going on today. More death, more disasters and more bullshit in ONE WEEK than I have had to deal with in a decade. Guess I could say I am lucky, but I certainly don’t feel very “lucky” Nor do I feel grateful. Right now, I am just pissed off. So, my apologies to those of you looking for some inspiration. Maybe tomorrow. I will see how I feel and what I have time to do. Thanks for your time. And yes, I feel much better now. Michelle