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The Art of Graceful Gratitude Part II

A good deed is never lost. He who sows courtesy, reaps friendship; he who plants kindness, gathers love; pleasure bestowed on a grateful mind was never sterile, but generally gratitude begets reward. St. Basil Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Melody Beattie Quotes courtesy of www.famous-quotes.com I have always had the grace (or curse) of knowing when a loved one’s time is near. While I have been blindsided a few times, most of the time I KNOW they are leaving. The past six months have given me the opportunity to thank THREE influential, supportive and caring people who improved my children’s lives in ways I may never know. I still have a few more to thank, and will be sending out cards in the next week or so to ensure I don’t wait until they too are at death’s door before I say “Thank You. I would not have made it without you.” I told all of these men that my family, that I would NOT have made it without their love and support. The day care dad showed what a dad IS. My daughter’s Godfathers (she lost both in the last year) were also instrumental in all of our lives. Their family kept my daughter every weekend for the first 3 years of her life. EVERY weekend. I worked with her Godmother, so they had jobs. But they really loved my girl child and wanted to share that love with her. Her other Godfather until his death was also available for anything she needed as well as my entire family. These relationships were forged in fire and purified by love. There was always give AND take, not just take, take and TAKE some more. I have friends right now who only call me when they want something. I can count of one hand how many times they reached out just to say hello. Of course, one can quash that rude behavior by answering the phone with “What do you want?” Works like a charm. Please share with the people who assisted you over the years your gratitude for all the things they have done. I know I would not have made it, had it not been for all the wonderful people God and grace put in place to help me raise my children. I am sure someone somewhere needs to hear that message today from you. So call them, drop in for a visit (and bring some goodies) and say hello. They will welcome and appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks for reading! Namaste

New Moon Check for JULY!

Summer is HERE! Finally! Enjoy this month and make your intentions CLEAR! Thank you GOD for all abundance! Here is your New Moon Abundance Check for July! Please take the time to reflect on what you are really asking for. What will this "new" abundance be used for? How will it benefit, not just you, but others in your world and beyond? Please don't limit yourself to just MONEY. Abundance encompasses many facets of life. Think on these things and then write the check. God and the Universe respond to SPECIFICS. Some specifics can include great health, wonderful working conditions, safe and fun travel, etc. Let your mind EXPAND! How can your angels help you if you do not KNOW what you want and WHY? Blank check- leave check in checkbook Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name $ Pay/Paid in Full (I always use PAID) On the next line write again PAY/PAID in full! ( I add the exclamation point as PAID in Full always excites me)! on Memo Line: Give thanks Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance! Thanks for reading and WRITING! Michelle

Love IS My Religion

This is my one of my favorite ALL time Bible verses. It continues to confound me that the most hateful people in America CLAIM to be Christian. Yet, this one sentence sums up everything Jesus the Christ actually ASKED US TO DO! PROFOUND! Thanks for reading - the Daily Word link is also on my links page. I read this religiously! GOD is LOVE! Michelle Today's Daily Word Simplicity LOVE IS MY RELIGION. When asked to name the greatest commandment, Jesus said it was to love God and to love one’s neighbor as one’s self. The simplicity of this principle is profound. I love God. I am a wondrous part of the mystery, the order, the magnificence, and the dynamic dance of creating and re-creating that is God. With each thought of gratitude, my love for God deepens. I love the diversity of my brothers and sisters, each unique in their own way. I love the creative expressions of Spirit that we are and the gifts and attributes we are here to share. Each day we practice kindness and compassion, acceptance and forgiveness, we choose the path of love. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.—Matthew 22:40

Trials and Tribulations of a Light Worker

There are times I feel misplaced, forgotten, or born in the wrong time. While so much of the information I receive and share reflects a different reality, my struggle is with the reality I can actually see. Matters not that I KNOW, in my heart that what I see is an illusion. Matters not that for the most part, I KNOW I have been protected from the worst scenarios – in just about every instance I can remember. IT matters NOT because feeling lonely, neglected, ignored or ridiculed is real in this ugly and harsh world. While I do not feel this way often, I still do have these feelings. Owning these feelings is as uncomfortable as it is irritating. Irritating because the feelings are not rational, but they are still real. Reality is what I perceive in the world. Your reality is what you perceive in the world. By seeing things only in a specific way, the door to infinity closes. We, you and I are expansive, never ending and ever evolving divine beings. It is just the believing in this reality that is difficult. Guess I am saying to you and to me, hang in. I know why I am here, even though I still resist, kicking and screaming NO, I don’t want to do…. Hang in because we are a whole planet of divine beings, most who do not understand that they, just like GOD are indeed, divine. Because God does not make JUNK. Because God loves everyone, saint and sinner alike. Because GOD IS LOVE. We are sent here, we CHOOSE to be here to PARTICIPATE. All we have to do is share love with everyone. And it is the most difficult task ever assigned. EVER! Hang IN! Thanks for reading and have a most blessed week! Michelle

Sharing 11-11 Meditation

Hello again, Just wanted to share my meditation from this morning. I am participating in the Deepak Chopra 21 days to Abundance meditation course/challenge. I use the word challenge because the daily meditations challenge the way I look at and see abundance in my world. That said, please check out Oprah.com to see if it is too late to join. The cost - FREE. When signing up, I did not put that info on my blog because I do not recommend things, courses or products I myself have not tried. However, I owe you, my reader an apology. This course is absolutely amazing. It has given me insight and blessings in 7 days beyond anything else I have ever done. Today, I will share my 11-11-12 gateway experience with you. When I started my meditation, everything was amethyst - beautiful color all around me. I was floating in the air, legs crossed and arms on my legs. All around I could see what appeared to be twinkling stars. As the meditation deepened, a warm, white light appeared that beamed down on my crown chakra. Immediately, I felt tears running down my face. God? I asked in my mind. Yes, was the answer I received. The lights? The lights are other souls, each shining and twinkling like stars in the night sky. Millions of twinkling lights as far as I could see. The mediation was so amazing, so strong, so beautiful that I was prompted to share with you. Please take a few minutes today to be alone. If it means you shut the door to the bathroom and lock it, use this day and this gateway energy to join light warriors around the planet in moving our planet FORWARD. Thanks so much for reading this second post for today. Be Blessed and have a most blessed week! Michelle

Love is an action WORD

Saw Susan E. Taylor last week. She spoke at a thank you reception for church members who have and are volunteering to assist in getting and keeping Baltimore school children in school. While her direct foundation does focus on mentoring, her main message was one of active community involvement, especially from our churches. Maybe I have read way to many of her In The Spirit essays, or maybe what she believes is what I believe. Churches, REAL churches must do more to assist and uplift our communities. Activities need not be focused just on members, as that is not what Jesus asked of us. What Jesus asked is that we look out for our brother (as our self), and love each other. No way are we loving each other with the amount of homeless and hungry children, right here in Baltimore. The same city that has a church on EVERY SINGLE corner. So, what I ask of those who use all day Sunday to Praise God is to put that praise to work. For you will be judged by your ACTIONS as well as your inaction. While it may not be up to you to raise or assist every child in your community, I am sure you can help just one. Helping just one is what is being asked. LOVE is God’s work in action. Are you ready and willing to do what God really wants you to do? Thanks for reading! Michelle

Neale Donald Walsh- I Believe God...

Hello, This is actually an extended post. The "post" part is from Neale Donald Walsh's daily emails titled "I Believe God Wants You To Know"  The amazing thing is, I got an email from Mr. Walsh last week, that I opened and "participated" in over the weekend. The result was so amazing, I emailed the site via info@ to request if I could post the video here on my blog.

While they advised they could not speak for Mr. Walsh, this is the email that came on Thursday. Please read and I will tie them together at the end of the post. Thanks

I Believe God Wants You To Know January 26, 2012

On this day of your life, Michelle, I believe God wants you to know...

...that God is talking to you every minute of every hour of every day.

You are never alone, or without help or guidance, counsel or advice. You need but purely and earnestly

ask a question and God will answer you, directly and immediately. The answer may come in an unexpected form, but it

will come.Your only job then will be to not ignore it; to see it for what it is. For all you know these very words

may be an answer to your question about whether God is even listening to you or offering you guidance.

Love, your friend Neale

Now, here is my personal revelation. Mr. Walsh sent out a video for a 7 minute exercise. It does not take seven minutes.

He advised to get yourself into a quiet space (no distractions) empty your mind, turn off your thoughts. ASK God your question.  Then, LISTEN for the answer!

This is what I did and my results were astonishing, even to me! I have never believed I needed anyone to "speak" to God on my behalf, though I know that prayer works on a definitive level.

However, this was different, this was personal, this was REAL!

So, I asked my question and immediately got my answer. The answer was quiet, loving and peaceful.  My answer was "This is not real. I need you to trust Me!"

My heart recognized this loving answer and responded with a flood of tears-gratitude for both the answer and the acknowledgement that God is indeed talking to me every day.

Try it and see what happens for you.

Visit Neale Donald Walsh to get additional details. As he has stated, it may not be right away, but you will get an answer. Trust the process, trust your heart, Trust GOD!  You have nothing to lose but FEAR!

Thanks for reading.

Much Love,


All The Good Things

Hello, Got this from Light Circle Ezine. Great info. AND, I have my own personal God message to share with you before this month is through. I love this message, it jibes so well with my own struggles, with my own anger and the way I have "carried it" I KNOW there have been times when God could not talk to me cause I was in no mood to listen. Perhaps some of the brave among you have felt the same?

Thanks so much for reading!

Much Love,


HEAVEN #4075 ================== All the Good Things January 21, 2012 ==================

God said:

As you come closer to Me, you become more like Me. That's how it is. When you love, there is nothing to be proven. There is no proof to give, for love is. Be reassured in your heart that you are a being who loves. You know how to love, and you are love.

Whatever you say or do does not alter one whit of My love for you. You could defame Me, and My love does not shake. You could defame Me, and I look at you with My same eyes of love. Do you really think that I have other eyes than the eyes of love?

No assault can reach Me. You reach Me, but no assault does. The slate is wiped clean as you speak. It makes no difference to Me. I hear your rantings. I care about you. I dismiss your adverse words before you speak them or think them. Do not think this means I am indifferent to you. I am indifferent to sticks and stones and to whatever is not the Truth of you. Mumble and mutter all you want, and I wait it out. I hear you at the same time that what you say does not bother Me. I am not thin-skinned. I am not thick-skinned either. I know Who I AM and I know Who You are. It may be that you just don't know Me and you certainly don't know yourself.

You don't have to be perfect. I know you are My Perfect Love, and I do not judge. I don't even think to judge. It is not a possibility for Me to judge. I know you are learning. I know you are climbing a golden ladder to Heaven.

If I judged, which I don't, I would not go by your criteria. I naturally see the you that I know you are and can only see you to be. We can say that I cut to the chase. What do I care what clothes you are wearing? What care I about how you are dressed? What care I what you say or what you do when I am nestled in your heart? I know you because I know you heart and soul. Our hearts are never estranged. They never are, and I am well aware of that. You may not yet be aware, yet this is only a surface illusion you may put up between Us. I might even call the illusion frivolous. Whatever is not on point is frivolous.

Of course, I know that all your recriminations and fear of faith are not frivolous to you. They are downright serious to you.

Frivolousness is one thing. Frivolity is another. Let's have some frivolity. Let's have some fun together. There is no fun without Me, beloveds. I love to join in. You cannot keep Me out. My laughter reverberates throughout the Universe. Never would I sing a dirge. My singing turns on all the stars in the firmament. Consider the stars the notes I play. You see the stars blinking on and off as the stars dance to My tune.

I invite you to dance to My tune. Sing with Me and dance with Me. We shall vault over the common-day experiences and reach into a treasure-chest of joy, and We shall sprinkle this joy like starlight all over the Earth and beyond. And why would We ever stop? What would ever prevent Our expression of joy and love and peace and all the good things that they bring to the world?

Have you tried the Heavenletter Cosmic Generator yet? What Heavenletter comes up for you today? It's kind of like I Ching! If you haven't tried this yet, click:  www.heavenletters.org/gods-cosmic-loveletters-universe.html What message was yours today?

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