High Ego or High Self Esteem?

Greetings! The difference between High Ego and High Self Esteem is that High Ego is at someone else’s expense. High Self Esteem is the ability to Soar and take others with you. ~ Debbie Mancini (thanks Debbie!) https://www.facebook.com/DEARMAMADEB I often wonder at the people who can only make themselves feel better if they are judging others. Some folks have elevated this to an art form. While it may be funny, know that person talks about you the exact same way. They have no moral compass so there would be nothing (like shame, humility or integrity) to remind them you are supposed to be their friend. Be aware that EGO, unchecked does in reality Edge GOD OUT! No matter how much they attend church, if their entire life revolves around them, what they did, what they want, what they need (usually from you) that is High EGO. High Self Esteem will allow you to tell this faux friend that you are no longer willing to put up with their bullshit. That what is good for them may not be what is right for you. Pay attention to people who ONLY call you when they want something. Pay ATTENTION if every single time you answer their call the conversation starts with “I was wondering?” or “Do you still have???” Every conversation revolves around their needs, their wants, and their desires. When that person cannot take a few minutes to ask you how you are, let alone LISTEN for your answer, feel free to show your own High Esteem and release that person from your life. They (by now) should have served their purpose. Figure out what it is and LET THAT GO! You have real things to achieve in this lifetime. No need to worry about those who don’t get it, who won’t understand. Many, including your dearest friends will not get it or a new and different you. However, your best friends will allow you the freedom to do and BE YOU! That is the best High Esteem, grounded in faith, love, generosity and grace. Do YOU! Be MORE! By:Michelle D. Smith

Are You Interested In A Romantic Relationship?

As Featured In Over40Females.com The start of a New Year is a great time to assess where you are regarding an intimate relationship and where you would like to be. Have you worked hard on being the best you possible, but still face challenges in your personal relationships? Are you seeking a spiritual equal, a person you can learn from and grow with? Have you worked diligently on personal growth and self-awareness? Those of us who consider ourselves spiritually seeking still desire companionship that is fulfilling, enriching and inspiring. Being comfortable with your own “self” opens the door to allowing nurturing and loving relationships to enter. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. There are many “spiritual singles” who are working relentlessly on their spiritual growth, releasing past betrayals, pain and healing from old trauma and associations. So, where is your spiritual partner? There may be some hidden blockages or resistance to opening one’s self to joyous, healthy and loving relationships. You may be well aware of this resistance, but have not yet figured out how to address and release it. When you request an Angel Card relationship reading, you are seeking the guidance of the Romance Angels! These cherubs specialize in love and offer gentle messages on opening your heart and mind to the facets of love and loving. All relationships require trust, honesty and communication in order to flourish and blossom. As with every angel card reading, you will receive the answer you need to cultivate both your relationships and spiritual awareness. Doreen Virtue offers Angelic Affirmations For Romantic Love. This meditation is about 10 minutes long and well worth the time out. If this is of interest to you, please check out the link below. Ready for your Romance Reading? Head on over to my Request Your Angel Card Reading page and request your reading, today! You are blessed and loved! By:Michelle D. Smith

My Battle With Fred

My battle started before Fred had a name, just a pain, without a source in my jaw. Since I have been getting dental work done for the last 2 years, I just knew it could not be a cavity, let alone a tooth that needed pulling. battle It was not until the morning that I felt pain tap dancing on my face that I broke down and made an emergency dental appointment. As with all “emergency” appointments, I did not need to wait a few days. During that time, the pain subsided completely. Sucker move! I almost cancelled the appointment, but the memory of that pain wakening me forced my hand. While waiting for the x-ray, the thought of an extraction never crossed my mind. I mean, really, how could my dentist miss a tooth that could hurt like hell unless that tooth was already bad to the bone? My answer came a few minutes later. “Looks like your wisdom tooth needs to be pulled.” WTF, was my first thought. My wisdom tooth? The one that the dentist left in because it was giving me no trouble? One and the same. “Well, it is going to get worse, so you might as well have it removed. You are already here.” I braced myself for the 12” needle to “numb” my gum. Took 2 of those. Then the battle began. The first hour was horrific. So much pain that tears were streaming down my face. Battle! My heart was racing, I was hyperventilating and could not quite understand WHY I was in so much pain. Since my heart was racing, I was giving something other than Lidocaine – but who knows what it was. Thirty minutes after THAT, I was given more Lidocaine! It was a battle royale. Between the dentist and assistant – comparing notes on IF the tooth had moved, and the tears streaming down my face, I would say I was losing this fight. I breathed, prayed to GOD for help and asked my Angels to help me release this tooth that was as old as I am. Release, release, RELEASE DAMN IT! 2 minutes after the last shot of Lidocaine, the tooth moved, then came out. I asked to keep it. It is considered “medical waste” but hell, it was MY medical waste and after that battle, I think I needed to keep this sucker around to complete the RELEASING! I named the tooth Fred during my meditation Sunday. After I wrote down Fred, I saw the word FREED! Yes, Fred had given Freedom to all the pain and betrayal I have worked on releasing for most of last year. May seem a stretch to some of you, but since I was focused on releasing ALL the pain, ALL the betrayal, ALL the old, worn out and unneeded, FRED served his purpose well. It is the largest tooth I have ever seen with a curved root over an inch long and almost ½ inch wide. HUGE tooth! That same day, Sunday, the Certified Angel Card of the Day was – You guessed it! FREEDOM! Take your lessons as they come to you. They are personal and profound. Only YOU know the meanings of what is occurring in your life and you are the person to decipher it. Be blessed! Namaste By:Michelle D. Smith ATTRIBUTE: Please thank Flicker for the picture of the Warrior Angel! BATTLE!

Why ARE You Here?

What is your song? I have shared the message regarding “Your Song” several times on my blog. Just last night, watching “Chopped” of all things, one of the firefighters stated “We are ALL here to do SOMETHING” advising he was here to be a helper. So, what are you here for? Finding the answer, the TRUE answer to why you are here will remove and release much stress and anguish from your life. Imagine, if you are here doing what you were sent to do, what you signed up to do, what YOU promised both God and yourself you WOULD do, what a wonderful world we would live in. There would be no need of envy, for we each would be able to provide, share, barter for whatever we need. There would be no hunger, for enough people who came here to be farmers would be farmers. Enough people who came here to provide shelter, would provide shelter. Enough people who promised to be healers on every level would be healers. Imagine a world where we did what we were meant to do, even if that involved low pay. Think of all the people who work in jobs because of the salary, or the people whose only job is to con other people into believing Greed is a good thing. What kind of world would we have if we all were willing to GIVE without thought of SELF? What kind of world indeed. A far better place than what we have now, I assure you. One worth fighting for, one worth praying for. Put your imagination, your prayers and your meditations to work for the GREATER GOOD. I dare YOU! Wanted to share a facebok post from Tantra (via Debbie Mancini) Thanks Debbie! Am also sharing the info - and a link back to my own post on this lovely message. Thanks Finding YOUR Song! By:Michelle D. Smith

Message From Matthew - Religion

This message from Matthew's mom Suzy is one of the best I have read - ever. Matthew addresses many "things" about organized religion that have puzzled and angered me over the years. Some items discussed are just things that I "thought" but could never verify. In my heart, I feel this message address those of us who have been seeking for the WHY's of religion. Why a vengeful God? Why am I going to hell because I am not saved in YOUR CHURCH? WHY am I a heathen or worse because I don't go to church? How can any God who claims to love all judge ME because of the things I feel are true or not? SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NOT ENOUGH REAL ANSWERS! If you have been seeking answers, PLEASE READ THIS POST in it's entirety. It is long, but so worth the time. Take the time, read it when you HAVE THE TIME. I urge you to read this and share with those who feel as you do. Thanks Namaste January 5, 2013 - New Message from Matthew Mon Jan 6, 2014 11:00 pm (PST) . Posted by: indexangel4suzy With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. With the December solstice came another powerful influx of light, as if to salute the year nearing its end and greet the new with a rousing cheer. And, if indeed a salute, how well deserved it is! Every time you acted upon a soul-level inspiration—something you considered only a nice gesture or “the right thing to do”—you added light to your world. You may wish to review the message wherein we mentioned some of the many ways your society has been generating light in abundance. Feeling grateful for the myriad contributions to the betterment of your world sends forth its own light in grand amount. [The referenced message is August 15, 2013.] Yes, a great deal still is to be done and shall be. The energy momentum keeps strengthening the forcefulness of all thoughts and feelings, so we repeat our guidance to not think of needful conditions with a heavy heart; instead, envision Earth within golden-white light so this image and your desire for benevolent changes go out into the universe and return with additional light. Although some closed minds and hearts are trying to keep the status quo, changes toward peace, cooperation and sufficiency for all are solidly underway, and the more light energy they receive, the sooner they will be manifested. Please continue being discerning about all information, including articles and channeled material on the Internet. Mainstream media still are controlled to a large extent, with emphasis on the negative and scandals; but it is heartening that more and more, stories of kindness, sharing of resources and successful endeavors from grass roots upward also are being featured. To complete this important reading, please visit the Yahoo group - Messages From Matthew!

A Message from Matthew

Been a while since a Message posted from Matthew's mom, Suzy. This message is quite timely, especially in regard to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. The sadness of that day, the pure and raw grief I saw on the faces of every adult I encountered on our walk home has never left me. All ages, all races, from my 2nd grade teacher to the shop owners, all I remember were tears. Some soft as a sob, others outright bawling. After that, it seemed my entire world shifted. My sister and I were in Bermuda for a five year stay before the end of the year, leaving my mom and beloved Mama in New York. Those who are old enough to know all have our own memories. There is a portion of this message that is just for us. Namaste Messages from Matthew By: Suzanne Ward With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we shall speak about a matter that has touched hearts everywhere. Typhoon Haiyan is profoundly tragic for everyone who lost dear family and friends, homes and businesses—they don’t know that at soul level they agreed to be part of this major act of planetary cleansing. Because releasing accruing negativity was essential to keep Earth progressing toward balance, all the people whose physical lives ended and the millions who are struggling in the storm’s aftermath embraced the opportunity to evolve by participating as they did. This kind of enthusiastic mass agreement doesn’t seem even possible in your concept of time, but in the eternal life of the soul and the timelessness of the continuum, opportunities to leap forward in soul growth are eagerly sought, and universe-wide they happen with some frequency. Please do not think that our explanation of a devastating situation is dispassionate or that we are unaffected by the grieving souls and their massive reconstruction ahead. We are among the myriad souls who showered light on the Philippines during and after the storm to assist all who made transition and to fortify the inner strength of survivors. We feel their heartbreak and fright and confusion about how to start rebuilding their lives, their villages and farms and cities. How we wish they could know that their loved ones were greeted by name and “Thank you!” as they entered Nirvana. Just as fervently we wish they could know that all who died and they themselves collectively agreed to give Earth that vital lift she needed to stay her course toward balance. If Gaia’s gratitude could be seen, your world would be ablaze with the radiance of its light. To continue reading this uplifting Message from Matthew, please click HERE! Thanks for your time. Michelle