Your Participation Is Required!

Stevie Wonder - HIGHER GROUND! Participation! YOUR participation is MANDATORY. Just like voting, when you choose not to vote, you are choosing to not participate. However, in this instance of our entire planet having the chance to evolve into more enlightened Humans Being (Love), why would you NOT participate? THIS is why you are here, right now. This was a choice you made. You were selected to come here, in this now time to do something that has never, ever happened before. Changing the way people think without a massive loss of life. No war, no flood, no ice age. Just us, now with the power to bring about REAL change. If you are not participating, you are reneging on a promise YOU made to yourself. You came to help others see the light. You came to light the path. Well, you cannot light the path by hiding in the darkness, by avoiding what you know is truth. Tell your story – tell one person, tell thousands. Now IS the time to speak your peace (intentional). The world wants and needs to hear it. The added bonus is you never, ever know who will benefit, who will learn, who will say “I am not alone”, “Someone out there knows my pain.” This is powerful beyond belief. Stop selling YOURSELF short. The time is NOW to Be BOLD. Dare to do MORE! Thanks for reading! Pass along if it resonates with YOU! Namaste Michelle