Your Attention is Required!

“Sometimes a little late, sometimes a little slow.”~ Avon Barksdale

I am an avid fan of the Wire, will in fact continue my watching when I finishing writing this post!  There are many who feel it is too “negative”, too ugly, too much for decent folks to bear. Well, it is also REAL, real in that there are folks who are living this life every day. The story has several different morals throughout the show. One of them is about how you “carry it”, what your code is, how you are living this “life”.

Even when you walk with the angels, when you are not paying attention, you will “sometimes be a little late, be a little slow.” He was referring to street life, I am referring to LIFE in general. A little late can make the difference between being on time for work and 30 minutes late. A little slow might slow you up enough to get in an accident, where had you been 30 seconds earlier, you would have missed. Missing trains, buses, or getting stuck at the railroad crossing. All of these small things matter. Cause all of them can be caused by you being a little late, a little slow. Don’t keep your head so high that you can no longer see the ground! It is all relevant- it all matters!

Thanks for reading!