World Day Of Prayer!

Today is Unity's World Day of Prayer! I cannot remember how long I have participated in this yearly ritual. This year, my fervent prayer was for NO MORE WAR! Please continue praying and sending light and love to all of the Middle East, Africa and right here in the USA. Please Visit the site - Prayers are always said 24/7. They have the most loving, humble people I have ever encountered. I have called on them for prayers in the middle of the night. They always answer the phone and ask "May I pray with you?" Like earth angels, always ready to soothe and inspire. The link is: World Day Of Prayer! The Theme for 2013 Is: Living WELL: Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit! Daily Word World Day of Prayer MY POSITIVE THOUGHTS, WORDS, AND ACTIONS CREATE A HEALTHY LIFE—MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT. The power of Divine Life dwells in me. It is my essential makeup, my true nature. Through the power of affirmative prayer, new ways of life are revealed to me. As I develop the practice of thinking, speaking, and acting in life-affirming ways, I work with the power of Divine Life rather than against it. I allow health and wholeness—expressions of Divine Life—to manifest in my mind, body, and spirit. I look for the good, for God, in every experience, expanding my awareness into a consciousness of wholeness. My speech is constructive as I cooperate with the creative process. I act in healthful ways that reflect my embodiment of the Divine. These thoughts, words, and actions create a healthy life. Be renewed in the spirit of your minds.—Ephesians 4:23 Silent Unity - always here for you! 1-800-669-7729