Winter In America

“Now is the winter of our discontent” ~William Shakespeare “Discontent is the first necessity of progress.” ~Thomas A. Edison 2014 has started with a bang and a kick in the ass. We must at some point address what is a changing global climate. Argue about semantics if you wish, but there is something WRONG with our weather. Perhaps Mother Nature is tired of being disrespected, neglected, used and abused. What was meant for all of us has been harnessed, corralled, and relegated for the use and enrichment of just a few. In the meantime, it is cold as hell in Baltimore. Trust and believe I hate winter and bitter cold. Well, I am a woman, not a polar bear! I pray for mercy on all of us. Even for the most hateful among us. For the hateful have brought down the wrath of Mother Nature and yes, we all get to PAY! In the midst of all this cold, there is still energy being cleared in major ways on personal, professional and global levels. We all feel the deep freeze, and many dealt with the storms, and tornadoes earlier this year. There is more to come so prepare we must do. Make sure you have the emergency kit in the car (blankets, flashlight, food, emergency lights). Water is difficult since it will be freeze at 32 degrees. Stock your pantries make sure you have batteries and wood for a fireplace if you have one. Winter has just started and we have to get all the way till the end of February to see DAYLIGHT! Happy New Year! Look out for not just your family, but your neighbors as well. We are responsible for each other. It is the way of the Universe, as taught by Jesus and many other enlightened souls throughout time. ALL of them can not BE WRONG! Namaste Winter in America Gil Scott-Heron