Why You Want to Forgive Those Who...

"I don't forgive people because I'm weak, I forgive them because I am strong enough to know people make mistakes." ~ Marilyn Monroe

I love Ms. Marilyn, she was much more intelligent then she has ever been given credit for and way ahead of her times in the way she saw the world. That said, there is something so simple about forgiveness that even though you can hear the same message time and time again, it is always worth sharing again.

Forgiveness is the GIFT you give YOU, when someone else has messed you over, betrayed you, broken your heart or cost you - whatever. It is only for YOU that you forgive another. When you hold on to the anger, the injustice, the hurt and the pain, you suffer. Obviously, that person could care less (or else they would not have done what they did).

You don't hurt them by not forgiving them, you hurt YOU. You deserve better, not just from them but from yourself as well. Not saying you should forget anything, but forgiveness, real forgiveness has the power to make you forget the pain. Cause that is what all those other words are PAIN.

There is another post that offers a ritual way to forgive. TRY IT- It works wonders. Not only does it release the actual act,  it also (at least for me) removed that person from my mind - permanently. I no longer even give thought to the people I have HAD to forgive, and that included members of my family.  It is almost like "who" - "oh, yeah- that person"  That person is no longer leeching space in my brain or my heart. I have forgiven them and let them go.

Thanks for reading. The link to the ritual is:

The Feng Shui Way to Forgiveness