Why We Cannot Live Without Freedom

My cat escaped a few nights ago. It is not the first time, but it has been a few years since he ventured outside. He knows that there are dangers, mainly other cats who believe the territory around the house is “theirs” even though this is his home. I neglected to lock the outside door when I left, thinking I would be back in a few minutes. My food order took so long; my son came upstairs to wait for me. He opened the inside door, unaware the security door was unlocked. The cat did not even dash out. He went and sniffed and sniffed. Finally he realized the door was actually open. Out he went! This is about freedom. Cats are not considered domesticated animals. They are wild and just allow us to be in their presence. Or vice versa. I know my cat loves me. He is very affectionate, loves to eat and needs a lot of attention. He would get none of these outside. However, it is in his nature to want to be free, to have freedom even when it means he gives up on all of the things he loves. Freedom works that way for some of us. Those of us who have tried to fit into the mold that society dictated. Those who try to fit in and do the “right thing.” The right thing does not always take into account your personal freedom, your personal desires to be free. In the quest for freedom, many of us finally realize that all the other stuff is just a dream, it is not real. What is real is being free, following your heart and doing the things that make you happy, that expand your light. I am talking about people whose hearts and minds are connected, who love life and want others to live in and with joy. When you have the courage to know what you really need to be happy, it always includes an element of freedom. Explore, search be open and willing to both find and acknowledge your needs. You are in control. So, what are you waiting for? Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend. Michelle