Why Bother?

Have been in a personal funk for the last week or so. I usually have the ability to bounce back from setbacks, grief and challenges, but for some reason, this death has hit me hard. I don't feel like doing better, talking to people or posting "inspirational" things on my blog. Why should I BOTHER? Seems kinda pointless to worry about others when my pool of people who actively "worry" about me grows smaller. While I am doing the best I can, I see no use in wasting my time trying to uplift anyone else. Let someone else do the hard work. Let someone else volunteer their time, energy and talent. I feel just fine doing nothing. Unfortunately, until I get out of this funk I am in, I will do no more writing. In the meantime, there are so many posts here, I am sure if you are really looking for something, you can find it here. Just SEARCH. Be blessed until..... Michelle