Why ARE You Here?

What is your song? I have shared the message regarding “Your Song” several times on my blog. Just last night, watching “Chopped” of all things, one of the firefighters stated “We are ALL here to do SOMETHING” advising he was here to be a helper. So, what are you here for? Finding the answer, the TRUE answer to why you are here will remove and release much stress and anguish from your life. Imagine, if you are here doing what you were sent to do, what you signed up to do, what YOU promised both God and yourself you WOULD do, what a wonderful world we would live in. There would be no need of envy, for we each would be able to provide, share, barter for whatever we need. There would be no hunger, for enough people who came here to be farmers would be farmers. Enough people who came here to provide shelter, would provide shelter. Enough people who promised to be healers on every level would be healers. Imagine a world where we did what we were meant to do, even if that involved low pay. Think of all the people who work in jobs because of the salary, or the people whose only job is to con other people into believing Greed is a good thing. What kind of world would we have if we all were willing to GIVE without thought of SELF? What kind of world indeed. A far better place than what we have now, I assure you. One worth fighting for, one worth praying for. Put your imagination, your prayers and your meditations to work for the GREATER GOOD. I dare YOU! Wanted to share a facebok post from Tantra (via Debbie Mancini) Thanks Debbie! Am also sharing the info - and a link back to my own post on this lovely message. Thanks Finding YOUR Song! By:Michelle D. Smith