Who Wants MORE Joy?

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Mae West My joy for this week began on Sunday morning with my girlfriend Donna, calling to see what plans I had for the day. Since I had yet to get out of bed, obviously, the answer was nada, nothing, not a damn thing. It was so bad that I had not even decided if I would watch the Ravens game! joy We chatted a bit, then she sweetly asked if I would like to hangout in DC with her for the day. Sure, why not? I answered. She advised she needed to work a couple of hours, then we would be going to dinner and THEN to see STEVIE WONDER! I almost fell out of the bed. Tickets, free to see Stevie Wonder? Oh hells yeah, count me in. What time do I need to be ready? Are you dressing or jeans and boots (that was the answer). I cared not a whit about the fact that I did not even have enough $$ for dinner. I would have stood on the street and waited outside that is how excited I was. Sunday was everything I could hope for in a perfect day. We spend a few hours at the Latino family fest sponsored by Telemundo. Even after 2 hours of not understanding anything except Chica and Olla, I was amazed by how happy everyone was. Joy is contagious. I was uplifted by that experience. Dinner was a gift as well. Dinner, wine and wonderful companionship are what my spirit needed and received. When I asked Donna to remind me to use the bathroom, she said, no bother, we are in a suite. What? A suite? Tickets to see Stevie aka Steveland Morris? AND dinner? My joy from Sunday has amazingly lasted the entire week. I am still singing and humming "Ngiculela- Es Una Historia - I Am Singing”. While living day to day can be challenging, depressing or exhilarating, the ability to hold tight to the things that bring you absolute joy is essential. Do whatever you can to retain every iota of joy in your soul. You deserve it! "Ngiculela- Es Una Historia - I Am Singing” ATTRIBUTE: Thanks Viewminder and Flickr for the photo!