When Seeking Employment Use Your Heart And Your Mind

Hello, Expanding on some thoughts regarding working. Please don't let yourself believe that a job is your only option. Trust that all is changing for the good of ALL, not just a few.  God loves everyone. We all came to learn....

You have your lessons, I have mine. While we are here, we should be happy. Work on that theory and choose your employment wisely.

“Just keep asking questions. Does this job allow me to be myself? Does it make me smarter? Does it open doors? Does it represent a compromise I accept? Does it touch my inner being?

~Suzy Welch~    from Oprah’s thought for the day newsletter

My main issue with “jobs” is the amount of bitchin and moanin I hear from everyone I know who is WORKING! Everyone! Does not matter how much or how little the job pays, most people hate their jobs.

Don't get me wrong. I have worked my share of really bad jobs. My last job was the absolute WORST job ever! I spent my day lying, all the day long. Not cool and certainly not fair to either me or the clients.  In this crazy economic environment, both my age and my experience are now working against me. Not much I can do to change what appears to be my new reality.

Why are we raising children to believe that it is ok to be totally unhappy for up to 12 hours every day to pay the bills for the stuff they are “supposed” to have.  Like, you are supposed to have a new car, your own place, new toys to play with and a very short vacation every year. We make ourselves sick to support the notion that it is ok to be disgusted with life and yourself as long as your bills are paid on time, you should be grateful.

Really? If you job makes you unhappy, use this most magical time to find another way of being. Trust that the universe always takes care of it’s own, no matter HOW reality appears.

Trust that you are Supposed to be Happy! Just imagine if that were our true reality. What would you do to achieve that as reality? Are you open and willing to do what you must to change the world as we know see it?

Thanks for reading!

Much love,