What's Going On?

Don’t know how many of you are having feelings like mine, but am willing to share my most recent experiences. I try to post every day or so, but the last several days have seemed like a roller coaster ride to nowhere fast. Been hectically busy, then tired, then busy, on and on it goes. I have gotten a lot accomplished, yet, not much appears to have happened. Can tell you that right now, karma is a bitch who will slap you senseless before you finish forming any worthless thought. Trying to get off track now is almost impossible. Just yesterday, I was attempting to hatch some diabolical scheme to get some CASH. Need funds to pay the bills baby. Well, even before the thought had crystallized, I dropped a full pan of spaghetti sauce, covering me from knees to toes in bright red sauce with ground turkey for good measure. Have no idea how the entire handle fell off the pot, nor where the “bolts” went. Pretty sure we did not eat them. The pot landed upright, with sauce STILL in the pan. The glass top had rolled to the other side of the kitchen, unbroken. Stripping in the kitchen, still grumbling I kinda had the thought that maybe, it was MY thought that hemmed me up. Naw, that is just crazy. I mean for real. If you don’t want a sista to think these things, send the damn Benjamins! Let me tell you, I was UPSET! After stripping and getting what other dirty clothes I had, I put the clothes in the washer. There, the cold water splashed out of the bin, wetting my robe. Getting tired of this shit for sure. Whatever you have to say, just SAY IT! All I heard was a small chuckle and a whispered “Oh, you got the message, won’t have to worry about another one. Ball is in your court.” Standing there shaking my head, I just gave up. Whatever, knowing I was supposed to be ready to go out in less than an hour. Still had to eat, wash the clothes and get them into the dryer and get my clothes packed. Another day – hopefully another $100. Thanks for letting me rant! Be Blessed and Keep your thoughts UPLIFTED! Don’t say you have not been warned. Michelle What's Going On?