What would you do to create a new world?

Vital Information. YOU are now in charge of your thoughts. Guard them well. DO not let another take you from your space of PEACE, of LOVE, of JOY and Gratitude. Will take some work but I know you are up for the challenge! Let's do this thing and do it well for all those who now depend on US to create the new world we know is already here. Feel that newness in your heart. Detach from what you SEE. FEEL - your soul is guiding you now if you are paying attention! Thanks so much for reading! Thanks Isis from Light Circle Ezine.


Maitreya: Tune Out Media and Tune in to Your Heart Channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin Purnaham April 19, 2012 =============================================

Greetings this is Maitreya. I am speaking to all levels of your consciousness. I am Maitreya, the 9th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. I come to you from a place in your Universe which is in your future. In this place the changes you anticipate for Earth have already taken place. We are here to Guide you through the steps of the transition from this moment in time.

2012 will be your year. It is in your best interest to be vigilant with your heart. The orders have gone out to begin dissolution of all the old precepts which you had created as a collective civilization. Do not be detached to the familiar leaving your space time. Release it. You must trust with all your body, mind and spirit. Not blind trust. Complete trust. Denial, fear and escapism are egocentric factors which will hold you up from the progress you seek. Tune out media and tune in to your heart. Take time to breath in the new and merge with Oneness.

The Cosmos is calling you to change along with it. Alcyone, the Central Sun, is sitting at the Solar Tribunal and ready to hold court. Your collective conscious has raised awareness with enough souls to call for justice in economics, governments, land ownership, sovereignty, health, military and space to name a few. This requires hearing the record of atrocities and sentencing the unjust. This is the next step to raising Earth as a Planetary member in our Galaxy. The admission to this new level is removal of the dark forces who wish to have Earth as their own. Alcyone, the Central Sun, Source Energy, is sending impulses from Source through your Sun Sol. You are seeing these grand impulses of energies as Coronal Mass Ejections. This releases trillions of ions into Space which float down to bombard Earth as Cosmic Rays. These ions are supercharged with love and they come in as protons, neutrons, electrons and smaller particles to change everything. Your science cannot explain to you how this is effecting your intelligence, emotions and indeed your very nature. You crave light food, the outdoors and balanced relationships with friends, family, animals and Earth.

The Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactics of every civilization gather at this time to carry out their responsibility in the dissolution. Time is over. For many years now warnings have gone out on every level to wake up and make a choice for Light, a choice for Love. There is no more waiting. A line has been drawn which may under no circumstances be changed. The wheat has been divided forever from the chaffe. A decision had to be rendered and that has been made complete. The Clarion Call goes out to the Cosmos and the separations begin. It is like a vacuum pulling to it the vibration it resonates with. You are being pulled into your next level of rest for the next tens of thousands of years. You have spent lifetimes preparing for this.

The time from April 21 - June 21 is significant for planetary change. It will go by very quickly. Arrests, Bank Closures, Redistribution of Wealth, Healings and more will come en masse. Be alert now and monitor your heart. Do not react to changes. Take charge of your ego so your vibration may be that of Light and Love which will pull you to the higher realms which you desire. Connect with the Planets and Stars which are aligning for the greatest good through this rapid ascension parade from April 21st New Moon through a Solar Eclipse May 20th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 4th close on the heals of the Solstice June 21st. In eight short weeks Earth will change and the dark Ones will no longer have any means to act out. These recent rocket launches are the poor pathetic egoic last actions of a race of draconians whose time is over. Bid them adieu. Do not stand in judgment of their actions. Align your actions to Grace. Implement a new lifestyle which will carry you forward. Let go and ungrip from what no longer serves you. Be Fearless.

As always I stand by to Guide you. I am here with you, ready to help you. I am sending you energy and love.