What is the Best You Can Do?

Hello, So many times I have heard the expression "People do the best they can (with what they have). I was told this years ago by a spiritual teacher of mine. She explained to me that though it was something she always knew to be true about me- I needed to be more mature for her to share the following: "Most people do not act stupid to get on your nerves. They are doing the best they can in that moment."

What a revelation. You see, I have been very annoyed (and still am) by what I consider "stupid people".  These people run the gamut from co-workers to elected officials. Let me add that IGNORANCE is still 100% unacceptable. Ignorance can be cured by seeking Knowledge - Stupidity is WILLFULLY disregarding FACTS and believing OPINIONS.  MY definition of Stupidity is behaving in illogical ways that have proven to not work for YOU; blaming other people for YOUR own personal choices; not being honest enough to confront the real issues in your life so you create and hide behind Ignorance.  Just MY definition.

So, while I no longer let other people's "stupid actions" annoy me, I STILL have to remember the saying "People do the best they can IN THE MOMENT." All people, me included,  have our moments of rudeness, ignorance and/or stupidity. Just let's not try to LIVE THERE!  Forgive yourself for your momentary lapse of Judgement, and then ask for forgiveness from the person you just bashed, screamed at or ignored. You can do this mentally, even long after the fact.  Catch yourself, be aware of your own actions. It makes for a much more pleasant existence!

Thanks for reading!