What Are You Willing to Learn About Your Spirituality?

"We can't really digest food unless there's hunger. So we can't really assimilate spiritual wisdom unless we feel the need for it." ~Radhanath Swami Thanks to Brainy Quote! Photo courtesy of Flicker!spirituality There are so many “spiritual people” who want to hold you accountable for your every action and every utterance. They are correct, but only up to a point. It is difficult, if not impossible to ALWAYS be positive, to ALWAYS be happy, to ALWAYS be grateful. If it were easy, don’t you think everyone would do it? Each person is on their OWN spiritual path. What other people can do is lead you toward the ideas and practices that resound most deeply within you. You are not here by happenstance or coincidence. If you are reading this message, it is because the message is for YOU. Pay attention! There are so many forms, practices, rituals, etc. leading to a more peaceful existence. Yet, in the end we are STILL HUMAN, with all the fragilities and failings that Being Human brings. We also have the grace, courage, perseverance and honor to know what the right thing is and do it more times than not. Not a single one of us is Perfect. Many of us are striving to do better and be better, but perfection is a long way off. This is one of the definitions of "spiritual". I say all this to say that “Thinking positive thoughts” does not always lead to desired outcomes. How could it possibly lead to exactly what you want when what YOU want may not be in your highest interest? Sometimes (The Law of Attraction) does not work! Sometimes, what I WANT is selfish and self-serving. So, how is something that only will benefit ME succeed in elevating me to a higher plane? It won’t. So, if you hear someone say that “Your thoughts are blocking your manifestations” sometimes that is TRUE. However, sometimes what you think you want is not what is best for you. And in those cases, you won’t get it! That is where committing to a spiritual practice will assist you to grow in all ways, with grace, acceptance, humility, courage and gratitude. You won’t get everything you want. Or, you will have everything you need, and be grateful to also have most of the things you want. I am in the second category. I don’t need a mansion, or a yacht (but I would love a Cessna) to stroke my ego. The reason I would love a plane is because I love to travel but HATE the airport. And many folks feel the same way. Please don’t get this twisted. There is nothing wrong with wanting or having nice “things”. But in the end, they are things and will not be going with you on your next step of spiritual development. That step where you are once again in SPIRIT form. There are so many resources on this site. Take advantage of what I have pulled together from my personal experience and offered to you. Need a little more guidance, try an Angel Card Reading! My Angels have been quite active this week ensuring me that I am on the right path. Trust me, this last few months have not been easy, but just before I give up, I remind myself how many times I have been pulled from the flames, before the burning starts. And then something special occurs! Time to get to work or in some cases BACK to work. As I have said time and time again – WE NEED YOU. This is an ALL HANDS ON DECK situation. So suit up and get to work! I appreciate you reading! Questions? Contact me! Namaste By:Michelle D. Smith ATTRIBUTE:Flicker.com