What are YOU Thankful For?

Hello, This is the best time of the year (other than my birthday). I love the holidays, the lights, the FOOD, family get togethers, fun and drinks.  Holiday party, getting dressed up- just LOVE this season.

That said, Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. I am grateful that I listened (cause I am kinda hard headed) and actually started this blog. I am getting really good readership number, even more than my actual relationship website. In fact, my site numbers have taken me 7 years to get- and this has already surpassed it in 9 months. Really humbling and gratifiying.

So, my appreciation to you- my reader! Thanks!

This is an article I wrote a couple of years ago. Enjoy!


Thanksgiving- How thankful are you?

In this most blessed of holiday seasons (from Thanksgiving to New Years) - what and whom are you thankful for? Giving thanks is a daily opportunity to move outside yourself and acknowledge a higher power. No, you don’t need to be religious to cultivate the habit of giving thanks.

Capitalize on all your blessings. Are you working or is your business still afloat? Be thankful because many do not have jobs and many, many small businesses have folded.  Do you have a place to live and the means for which to pay for that home?  What about heat, water and family? These are things many take for granted as “entitlements.”  They are blessings no matter how hard you worked to get them; if you STILL have them you are blessed.

No partner, soul mate or someone special?  Take a look around your own community. There is much to be done, people to feed and clothe.  This is a perfect time to reach out and help someone else.  Don’t believe the bs that everyone without a job is at fault. They all are not. Don’t believe if folks would just try a little harder, they would not be in the position in which they find themselves.  That kind of thinking fosters separation and allows you to see others as less than yourself. NO ONE is more or better than anyone else!

"But I want someone to love me for me" you say.  Being loved for you means you are ready to accept that person as they are- not as you wish them to be. Having the ability to love another as they are will help bring that person to you. Do you really know what and whom you are looking for? Not a list of physical characteristics, but real character traits. Do they respect your time (show up on time for dates or appointments)? Are they gracious to others and do they smile more than they frown? Do they take responsibility for themselves? Not just in a material sense, but do they make excuses for why something goes wrong?

Just a few things to think about as we end 2011 and move into 2012.

Be joyous- happiness is contagious.  Be kind- it only takes a minute to hold a door open. Thank the cashier at the grocery store.  Be happy- don’t take yourself so seriously.  Enjoy this wonderful holiday season for what it is. If your business is booming, be thankful and tuck some away for the slower times of year. Plan a well deserved vacation- alone if you must.

Thank you for taking time to read this short essay.

It is much appreciated and I appreciate YOU!