Weekly Angel Card May 17, 2015

Angel Tarot by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 9 of Air Air represents ideas and mental activity. This angel card asks that you be mindful of your thoughts, with a gentle ReMinder that your thoughts color your world. Positive thinking is essential right now. You have things to do, people to help and a new you to develop. That requires you focus your attention on the Positive and eliminate your fears of what could be. angel card, angel tarot Release your fear and guilt and understand that regret is a wasted emotion. Not because you should have no regrets, but because the past is the PAST and no amount of worry or self limiting thought will change that fact. Release your fears to your angels. Ask they lift your burden, you no longer are willing to carry it. Should this be actual depression, please seek the help of professionals. Money should never be an issue. There are organizations who can help, but you must ask. Building a better world is hard work. When you are sensitive and caring, the impact of the thoughtless words and actions of others impact you in far deeper ways. Protect yourself, shield your heart, but keep your heart open. If you need some help, please check out my bubble of light page. It will show you one way that can assist. Thank you for reading our angel card of the week.