Weekly Angel Card November 30, 2014

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by: Doreen Virtue Contemplation Time! This is a working angel card. Contemplation in and of itself is reflective, non-reactive, slow and easy. The work involved comes after you spend the time in contemplation. angel card Contemplation This card asks you to commit one hour of your time THIS WEEK to relax, reflect and contemplate on your next moves. In truth, this angel card could not come at a better time, before the Christmas rush kicks in and after Thanksgiving. So, what are you going to do? It is advised that after you reflect and/or meditate for at least an hour, you ask your sub conscious, super conscious and/or higher self the following: "What is my next move?" or "What do I want to do next?" Have a pen and pad ready and jot down every single thing that comes to mind. Do not filter, reject, mock or judge what you write. Receive it with an open heart and mind. When that is completed ask your heart what it truly desires. Write THAT down as well. The answers you receive will offer a blueprint for ordering your next steps and determining which moves will be best for YOU. Just in time for the New Year! Funny how that works, right? Thank you for reading this timely angel card of the week!