Weekly Angel Card November 16, 2014

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels by:Doreen Virtue Give Your Relationship/Partnership A Chance For reasons unknown, I was "instructed" to utilize my Romance Angel Card deck for my weekly reading. This deck is used so seldom, it still looks and feels brand new! angel card, romance angel card I was highly resistant, I have so much on my plate at the moment that Romance is at the bottom of my list on the second page. However, the message was pretty insistent, so I hope this message reaches the person it is intended for. Weigh the pros and cons of your current relationships and partnerships. Work hard to determine if this is viable or not, worth the effort or not. This relationship still shows hope, only you can determine if it is worth fighting for. Consult an expert if needed. Make your own assessment based on facts, not fantasy or wishful thinking. Should you determine it is time to end the relationship, you will know you give it your all and explored every option before hitting the delete button. Use this knowledge in the your next relationship to avoid a painful repeat. As you know, you will repeat the lesson until it is learned. What is your lesson? That is the message behind this angel card. Thank you for reading the angel card of the week!