Weekly Angel Card November 10, 2014

Weekly Angel Card! Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by: Doreen Virtue Music for Manifesting! I Am Singing Of Love From The Heart! The Weekly Angel Card is Music for Manifesting! Forgive me for waxing poetic, but I spend last night with the incredible, amazing and still awe inspiring STEVIE WONDER! angel card music My music for manifesting this week will be all things Steveland Morris and why not? Stevie implore us in his songs and deeds to let LOVE LEAD us. He begged the question last night why in 2014 we are STILL dealing with racist bigots. The HATERS will always, ALWAYS hate. It is ALL THEY HAVE GOT! Bear that in mind as you start your week. This Angel Card asks you to use the Power and Presence of Music to increase your manifesting abilities. You can sing, dance, or just listen to music but when you add Love inspired Music to your chanted, written or verbal desires, you increase the means and ways for miracles to occur. Happy Manifesting! Thank you for reading my Angel Card of the Week! Be Amazed! Here is just a taste of Stevie from the concert last night at the Verizon Center. HOLLA!