Weekly Angel Card November 3, 2014

Weekly Angel Card Reading Angel Tarot #15 EGO ArchAngel Jopiel by: Doreeen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine The angel card of the week is the old Devil card from Tarot. Unlike the fearsome image and associated fear the devil card evokes, the Ego card shows a beautiful angel (Archangel Jophiel) guarding a young man wearing a mask. The mask, like EGO is the false you, the you that is not real. He is surrounded by a bubble of light energy, protecting him from harm, though powerless to protect him from himself. angel card, angel tarot #15 EGO The card states: A false sense of entrapment and being overly focused on material things. EGO is the ultimate way to Force God Out. Out of your life, your heart, your mind and your spirit. Being aware of the true name for this card (The Devil) does help adjust and see that what needs to be freed is your mind and your fears. Free yourself and give God and your angels all your fears, worries, insecurities, anger and pain. Just let it go, let it flow out to be purified by the angels watching over you now. Thanks for reading the angel card of the week.