Weekly Angel Card October 6, 2014

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreeen Virtue Angel Card of the Week Worthiness! The weekly angel card is Worthiness! The card itself is gorgeous, almost as if to take the sting of the message away. The lonely mermaid sits on a rock, with a full moon shining above. The purple surrounding her bespeaks of the spiritual power that is hers to access. The pink border is pure love. Worthiness rears it's head at the most inappropriate times. Often, I will go months without even seeing this card. Then BAM, here it is again. This angel card refers to both feeling unworthy and letting that feeling block the blessings coming your way. Worthiness angel card This angel card spotlights self worth, feeling worthy of achievement, feeling worthy of love, appreciation, recognition, success and other "great opportunities". When you feel you are not worthy of achieving or acquiring the blessings sent your way, those blessings can be derailed. Don't believe the lies. You are worthy! Personally, Worthiness seldom shows up when things are not going well; it is usually when I hit a success streak that this card will appear again. Know that you and I deserve every good thing in this world. We deserve love, respect, recognition, affection, gratitude and helpful people along our way. When this card shows up, be assured that your good fortune has been Earned. It is not a fluke. It IS Yours! Thank you for reading the angel card of the week! Namaste