Weekly Angel Card September 21, 201

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards by: Doreen Virtue WAVES Of Prosperity! Why am I so excited? I LOVE this card. The card itself evokes a feeling of inner peace, a knowingness that all is in Divine Order. Check this out. A Mer-Angel sits on a rock in the ocean. Her tail is a lovely purple, her wings are folded behind her back. The background is the rising sun. As the waves hit the rock, she looks lovely, holding her shell in one hand. The shell brings the treasures of the oceans, the rising sun is the rise of new opportunities, the waves are waves of pure abundance. angel card Waves of Prosperity What is there to dislike? This angel card brings the peace of mind that knowing your steps are ordered. What is yours is YOURS. It cannot be taken away. Know that you have created a firm foundation and your faith is strong, you have been guided to be exactly where you are right now. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Be here, today, in the NOW. Stay open to new avenues of prosperity. Some may not show up the way you expect. Do not limit what God and your Angels will do by demanding your good shows up in a specific package. Stay alert and aware for chance conversations, fortuitous meetings and subtle opportunities. NOW is your time to shine. Thank you for reading the weekly angel card!