Weekly Angel Card July 20, 2014

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot 8 of Air Air represents intellect, worry and brilliance. The 8 Of Air indicates the feeling, the illusion of being trapped. Trapped by circumstances, situations, relationships, your job, your family. The 8 of Air perfectly describes how I feel today. I feel like I am suffocating, cannot breathe, cannot even See the Light at the end of the tunnel. weekly angel card 8 of Air The good news is I know this is an illusion, there is always an upside to the darkness, misery and pain. However today, the knowledge gives me little pleasure as I struggle to lift my spirits higher. What the 8 of Air tells us is there is ALWAYS a silver lining in every storm. Look for the rainbow in the darkest of situation. Believe in yourself and maintain a positive outlook. The key is to see the truth of every situation and proceed in Faith. This weekly angel card appears to be challenging, but upon reflections offers a way to bring more light into our lives. Call upon the angels to help assist in uplifting, protecting and guiding you, no matter how bleak the situation appears. Thank you for reading my weekly angel card! Namaste