Weekly Angel Card July 5, 2015

Romance Angel Cards by: Doreen Virtue Calling IN Your Soul Mate! I love the beauty, power and message of this angel card. After all, WE determine who we attract, by our actions and our being. I have always shared that being a better you improves the quality of your most intimate relationships. When you are working hard on being a better human, it is much easier to bypass the dregs of society. You have better things to do with your time and you deserve much more. angel card, romance angel card This angel card acknowledges your readiness to receive a mate and asks for your active involvement in finding them. "Calling In Your Soul Mate" requires you to be open, focused and optimistic regarding your future. YOU have got this! By now, if this is what you have been seeking, you should already have gotten indications in dreams or signs that indeed, your soul mate is near. This is a beautiful card, with a guardian angel standing over a woman as she invokes guidance and assistance in finding her mate. BE aware that as you ask, you will receive! Soul mate relationships are not all flowers and dancing, they challenge us to utilize all the tools in our spiritual and mental arsenal, doing so with grace, kindness and humility. You asked for this and your wish will be granted. Are you ready? Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. It is open season on LOVE!