Weekly Angel Card May 3, 3015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by: Doreen Virtue Helpful Person Are you in need of assistance and could use a helping hand? This angel card assures you someone wishes to help you achieve your dreams and goals. So, how do you find that person? Be open to receiving help by acknowledging that you cannot do everything yourself. Be ready to delegate as needed. Do not be afraid to ASK FOR HELP when you need it. The answer to every question is Yes, NO, or Not Right Now. Even if you are afraid of the answer, how much fear can you have knowing the answer must be one of the three? angel card, helpful person Try to determine who the helpful person is and initiate contact. The other possibility is a person, still unknown to you who will be available to assist you in achieving your goals. This is a wonderful card to receive. Blessings abound with the help and assistance of others! Thanks for reading this week's angel card! Namaste