Weekly Angel Card March 29, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot Cards by: Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 0 – The Dreamer – ArchAngel Metatron This angel card is the Fool in Tarot. There is a saying that God protects Fools and Children, so perhaps, God gives both Fools and children ArchAngel Metatron to protect them. Angel Card -O The Dreamer I have long been considered “childish” and foolish. I have no issue with these names, after all what is so great about being an adult? Both fools and children know that play time is not scheduled, it is spontaneous. Both know that the journey is as amazing as the destination; both know that no matter what, they are covered with God’s love and grace. What is so bad about that? The Dreamer begins his spiritual journey with ArchAngel Metatron as their guide. This card signifies a new, exciting phase of your life. If you are a long time reader of the angel card of the week, you are aware we also got the Magician #1 which is the next step in the Dreamer’s journey. This angel card asks you to believe in yourself and know a benevolent universe is working on your behalf. Take every step necessary, move forward with confidence and let faith and intuition be your guide. Creative solutions and unexpected opportunities abound! Stay optimistic! Here is where we get the nitty and the gritty. This year, we have moved through an entire level and are now starting anew on our NEXT LEVEL! Congratulations! Imagine my surprise when I pulled this as the angel card of the week. Again, starting again? I thought. The answer was, Yes, starting AGAIN at a Higher Level! What can be better news? The last 6-8 months have been intensely brutal. My wish for you, the Dreamer is to feel the joy and comfort of a mother’s kiss, and the love and sweetness of grandma’s kitchen. Feminine energy is bathing our planet with joy, love, lightness and unbearable sweetness. Can you feel it yet? Thanks for reading my weekly angel card. God Bless!