Weekly Angel Card March 22, 2015

Romance Angel Oracle Cards by: Doreen Virtue It Is Safe For You To Love! This angel card states that you can safely open your heart to love in all forms and fashions. The angels know the need to protect the heart against pain and hurtful people. Trust that you have grown, you are not the person who was hurt in the past. You are stronger, wiser and far more aware than at any time in your life. angel card, romance angel card Use your intuitive awareness to recognize the hearts of others. Trust your judgement and LISTEN to what your heart tells you. You cannot Make someone into What You Want Them To BE, nor can you force someone to do what you wish them to do. Let your open heart and your angels guide you forward. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge many past hurts and pains could have been avoided had you listened to your heart (and maybe your mom). This angel card surprised me. I use a pendulum to determine which deck to use and this week, the Romance Angel Cards were selected. Open your heart to the sensitive, intuitive and loving partner you have been seeking. Trust your gut, your heart and your angels to show you the way.Thank you for reading my angel card of the week.