Weekly Angel Card March 8, 2015

Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue WORTHINESS With all the messages the last several angel cards have offered regarding Release, it stands to reason that Worthiness would rear it head, once again. Worthiness angel card However, I am not feeling the usual message of Worthiness which is being unworthy. In fact, I sense this is a message of final steps before victory. With the varying release related angel cards, we were being asked let go of of people, jobs, situations and relationships that did not serve our highest good. Worthiness asks that this release be fully and completely integrated into your spirit. Accept that indeed, you are Worthy and deserve the best. Facilitate the releases you have worked on for the last month or so by trusting in your heart, spirit and emotions that YOU Deserve Good in All Ways! While I hope this wraps up the angel cards release theme, I guess we will see on Sunday. Thank you for reading my angel card of the week.