Weekly Angel Card February 15, 2015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by: Doreen Virtue EMPOWERMENT! Ladies, GET Your Power BACK! The weekly angel card implores those of us who have abdicated our duties to ourselves to reclaim our inherent and God given power. You are more powerful than you realize, your heart, mind and soul can and will heal this planet. Empowerment Angel Card Take Your Power Back! Your inner power is now demanding to be set free. Why are you holding it back? What do you fear? Do you think that others will not approve? Are you afraid of relationships in which the balance of power will shift? Do you feel you will not be supported? BE Not Afraid! This beautiful angel card actually has an angelic, winged mermaid, shining light both near and far. It is time for Your Light to Shine! You are not a victim, nor slave to neither past relationships nor current circumstances. You are no victim so snap out of it! You can be powerful, gentle, good and kind all at the same time. Honor both your heart and your courage by using your power for good. Affirmation:"It is Safe for Me to BE Powerful!I accept my God given power to be used in service to light and love." Accept that being powerful is required Now as we anchor the Feminine Divine. You are that being of light and love. Now is the time to Let Your Light SHINE! Thank you for reading my angel card of the week! Be blessed and stay warm!