Weekly Angel Card February 8, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Romance Angels by:Doreen Virtue PASSION! I should have known that the angel card for this week would be pulled from the Romance deck. After all, Saturday is Valentine's Day! Romance Angel Cards - Passion! Passion is the driving force behind every positive (and negative) inspiration in life. When your passion fuels your desire for a better world, you creativity kicks into high gear. Passion within a relationship can spur you to be the best you possible, or drag you into the mud. Passion does allow your heart and soul to sing with joy! Still single? No worries for passion is here for you as well. Great love requires a knowing of oneself and a willingness to be the best YOU possible. Your prayers for a truly amazing love affair have been heard and will be answered. ARE YOU READY? Passion is the energy, you determine how, where, when and with whom it is generated. Choose wisely for like energy, once unleashed your control is limited and the results can be spectacular or, not... Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for reading the weekly angel card.