Weekly Angel Card February 1, 2015

Angel Tarot by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine #8 JUSTICE The angel card of the week is Justice. "No Justice No Peace" has a deeper meaning than just social commentary. When we really WANT something, often we do not consider the needs or greater good for All concerned. We often only think of what WE want. When asking for or working on manifesting one's desire, please add "for the greater good of all involved," and see if that does not speed up the process. angel card, angel tarot The Justice angel card asks us to consider every aspect of the situation and then make our requests for manifestations and heavenly assistance based on what is fair, just and right for everyone involved. A lot more work than just asking for self alone. This is a major arcanea card supported by ArchAngel Raguel. Invoke his assistance when you seek a just and fair outcome. Another meaning of Justice is to have a decision be made in your favor, legally or otherwise, JUSTICE will prevail. That meaning I love! Thank you for reading my angel card of the week. Be amazed!