Weekly Angel Card January 25, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue PLAY TIME! The weekly angel card is Play Time. January is the back to work month and some of us have taken that message a bit too literally. The dolphins, who love and understand the value of play is asking us to Chill. Play relaxes the mind and body, therefore increasing your joy. Joy creates the magical connections within our minds to those issues and problems we have been so focused on working on until they are solved. angel card Play Time Mermaid and Dolphins Often, the solution to a problem is to set it down and walk away. Give your Mind a break and engage in some good old fashioned play time! Invite your friends over for a game night. With a blizzard affecting the north east corridor, go outside with the kids and build a snowman! Have some FUN! Playing is a magical form of mediation, says Doreen and if you have every engaged in a bit of silliness you know how much better you feel when it is done. Your mind and body are relaxed and a smile is on your face. Get YOUR Joy Back! Heed this weeks angel card and schedule some Play Time!