Weekly Angel Card January 18, 2015

Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue PROTECTION! My favorite angel card, this card offers assurance that you, your loved ones and possessions are all safe and protected by a loving God. "Protection" states your prayers have been heard and here is your answer. Exhale. You are safe! Attacks and threats vanish in the flow of heavenly love and angelic light. This prayer is answered instantly, so please, Be Unafraid! Yes, we are living in a crazy world, but each of us must use every spiritual tool at our disposal to ensure the safety of those we love and care for. The practice of asking for protection should be said daily and taught to your family. Protection is the angel card that ensures this is true. angel card Protection God sent each of us angels to guard, guide and protect us every day in all ways. When you find yourself frightened or tentative, ASK for the protection of your angels. Your angels are here to guard, guide and assist, but ONLY at your request. What are you waiting for? What could possibly be holding you back? What I say, out loud in times of FEAR is "ANGELS ON GUARD!" This covers every possible situation. Often, I feel better immediately after speaking those words. Try it and see if it helps you! Thank you for reading the weekly angel card. Hope you had a productive Dr.King holiday and an amazing week!