Want to know the quickest way to embarrassment?

I am here to tell you that embarrassing yourself is an art form. So, I will share what should have been a public embarrassment with you now. A good friend of mine (thanks Nard) took me to the store on Wednesday. Rainy day so I had my HOODIE on. Ran into the store, leaving Nard parked at the curb. When I finished, I hurried from the store putting my hoodie back on.

Jumping into the car a few things registered. First, the car was a stick shift – I looked up at a very startled man thinking WTH?

Well, let me tell you, I did not even have time to BE embarrassed! Brother Waylie smiled at me and said “Well, how are you doing?” – “I am so sorry”, I stuttered.  Not to be deterred, he continued to talk to me asking me my name.  As I laughed and apologized again, I told him HE might be happy to see me, but maybe whoever he was waiting on would not be so happy- with either of us.

As I got into the RIGHT car (both cars were the same make and color), I asked my friend why he just let me get into a stranger’s car. Turns out he was distracted by his new phone and not even paying attention. One of my friends advised that the man probably said “Thank you God” and will tell his friends “I know a place where you can just park and women get into your car!”

What should have been humiliating turned into something that made everyone of my friends and family laugh. My cousin even called me from work, on SPEAKER cause her whole office was laughing so hard, they needed to hear the story from ME!

There are still good people in the world. Make one of them smile today.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!