Uriel's Message -On Being Humble

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The quality of humility is necessary for mastery and allows your humanity to ascend into its divinity. It is by being humble that you allow your soul's voice to guide your life journey and enable the Source connection that is necessary to move beyond the third dimension. Yet this is such a misunderstood principle and you feel that if you are humble then you must acknowledge your imperfection and unworthiness, deny your power and wait for guidance instead of moving forward through intention. The ego limits the expression of humility which it perceives as being the final step in its destruction. For the ego, to be humble is to be denied its power.

Humility that is centered within the ego becomes humiliation, where the ego is limited or eliminated. The ego is a necessary component of your wholeness in body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is not possible to limit one of your aspects and still be whole. The ego needs to participate in your life journey but in balance with spirit and not ahead of or behind it. If the ego is not given its voice it will challenge humility and become arrogant. It is possible to be both humble and powerful, when humility emanates from the soul's awareness of the divine within.

When the ego is in its arrogance energy, it seeks to dominate and control. In this aspect it acts from its power instead of being in its power. It takes over and becomes demanding, instead of being in the flow and commanding within intention that is balanced with spirit. The ego's definition of humility is to be humbled, to be cast down, set apart, limited and humiliated. It is the ego's fear of being separated from its identity that allows it to insist on being the leading voice and presence in your reality. And as acknowledge and accept your power, you give the ego an equal voice in your life's unfolding journey, that is balanced with spirit and fully in the divine ego/spirit partnership. Then humility can be applied and the ego understands that by being humble it surrenders to spirit.

The humble are the most powerful among you. They do not fear losing power, they are not arrogant or controlling, they do not need to dominate because their ego is balanced with spirit. The master accepts humility within the context of receiving guidance from spirit, seeking enlightenment and surrendering human will to divine Will. Being humble affirms your power and transforms your path as you embrace the unlimited potential of your highest aspects. When you know that your greatest power emanates from humility, from being humble and surrendering to divine Will, your life path unfolds to express ideas and potential the ego cannot begin to imagine. Be humble, surrender to divine Will, allow the ego to find peace in spirit and your humility will help you create the powerful reality, abundant blessings, love and joy that is your soul's gift to you.

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