Upon what do you base your faith?

Love and LIGHT come from your heart.  A closed heart (like a closed mind) cannot share either love or light. Trying as these times may be, you must be willing to operate and LIVE in FAITH! “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

One of my favorite verses, and a verse to live by. Now is the time to bring your faith to fruition. All you have seen, heard and been taught was to prepare you for NOW!  In case you have not noticed, time is speeding up. Moving faster and faster. Today is April 1, 2011. March passed by in a blink. In fact, I myself was stunned to realize we are in the 4th month of what was a new year just 3 months ago!

Please pay attention! If you have not committed yourself to being the best YOU possible, NOW is the time. Ask for assistance, guidance, pray, meditate whatever will get you moving in the right direction. Do it NOW!

I had a dream many years ago about the times we are in now. In that dream, my entire family was together living in a big house. Whenever we would leave the safety of the home, we were REQUIRED to wear a garment of protection made entirely of LIGHT. I remember it quite vividly. The reason was/is when you are in the LIGHT, the darkness cannot see you. What they see is the light. Just light.

Another of my favorite verses regarding faith is:

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” Corinthians II 6:6

In fact, I put this verse on my checks. Not to prove a point about being "Christian", but to show that no matter how bad my finances may "appear", each time I write a check it is in FAITH that the funds will be available.  Yes, I do keep a checkbook for those thinking this is a little "crazy".  Faith that funds will ALWAYS be available for my needs. Faith that my finances are NOT rooted in a "job".  Outside the box thinking I am sure, but it has worked for me for years. So, I DO walk by faith, not by sight!

In another dream, I was leading a group of people through the darkness. There were times we could not see the way. Each time I would hesitate to move forward, I received a nudge and could hear- “Just keep walking. You are protected and we have you” At one point, we came to a chasm. Still dark. There was no bridge, path or anything else to indicate a way across. “Just trust (faith) and take a step. I did and to my amazement, each time I put my foot down, another stone would appear. This is how we crossed the chasm.

Now, this was when I was in my early 20’s. More than 30 years ago. Dreams are a means for God, our angels and guides to communicate information to us that we may not YET be open to receive. PAY Attention and Remember.

Thanks for your time. Michelle