Update From Jack

Jean has shared an update from Jack the Watcher. October was a ROUGH month, physically, emotionally and spiritually for many of us. I totally relate to the headache, since I had what I call a "low grade" headache for most of the month. So glad to be out of that space! Please enjoy the read- I am only posting the first few paragraphs. If it resounds with you, please finish reading on Jack's Facebook page. Namaste Jack The Watcher Jean Rockefeller www.JeanRockefeller.com Mercury is still retrograde and will be until November 10 but His energy will continue to shine Light on your magnificence until the 3rd week of November. Ignore the outer world for now and focus on your inner Sun. index Now is the time to recognize and honor your inner Sun. To do so one needs to simply be present and mindful in this moment; the Here and NOW. Be grateful for who you are NOW and be accepting of who you are NOW. By fully accepting, appreciating and loving who you are now will enable you to see those aspects of your self that you desire to change through peaceful and loving eyes. It is through these eyes that true and lasting change for the self can easily and effortlessly manifest. During the next few weeks Light will shine on your inner Sun. These windows will be open from merely a fleeting moment to many hours. During these moments your intuition will be acute and visions of your path and purpose will surface. Please read the remainder of this message @ Jack's Facebook Page! Thank you!