Univeral Mind: EnLightening Climes Part II

Hello! Thanks for coming back! Here is the 2nd part of Universal Mind: EnLightening Climes and Aristotle. Enjoy


Universal Mind: En Lightening Climes & Aristotle: On the Dawn of Awakening Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas October 23, 2011

Go forth each day with a heart filled with love and appreciation for all that is given to you and for all you give to others. Your hearts are aglow with such mighty reams of light in it's many and multifaceted maze of colors. The love that flows through you is immeasurable and it's benefits to others without due understanding. You are those that were selected and you are those that are elected; the lightworkers and wayshowers on Mother Earth, weaving your endless magic and almighty highest divine intent. Nurturing this beautiful planet towards her imminent step into brighter realms of expression, as you consort her with your might and your light, as you step lightly forwards with Gods' love emblazoned on your banner that is flying high in the heavens for all to see and for all to enjoin within. You are so loved and your living shall not be in vain, for you are the masters and you are the Starseeds, you are those whose daily 'chores' upon the planet are slowly yet so surely turning the night of yesteryear into the glorious dawning day of a new tomorrow.

Go forth in peace and love and know that you are ever held in highest esteem and loving embrace by the many that walk beside you. You have but to close your earthly eyes and perceive the view from your inner eye and you will see the multi-thousands of beings that are there in your vision, in your aura, in your proximity bathed with love and faith which will lift you heavenwards each moment that you utter a sigh. You are so loved, you are so attended. Believe that you are unique, special and loved without restraint, you are shining examples of the Oneness and it really shows.......Go forth and multiply, be still and know that I AM God! ________________________

On the Dawn of Awakening

Wondrous lives interweaving in magical circumstance as souls from near and far entwine as one deLight, and the music of the spheres lend forth it's musical melodies of loving ode and willing whimsical notes of harmony, are heard with hearing ears that listen also with the heart space, ever open to the sounds of ageless love and endless light beams, dancing forwards in ever majestic mystical reverie. And heaven's doors are ever always open wide in times such as these for the interplay and interjections are often, and continual in perpetual motion, dancing twixt the stars and moonbeams, whether 'day or night' time all is wonderful to see and feel. The bewitching hours that pass on flimsy wisps of cloud do meloncholy make the labouring day and night scenario appear lifeless and timeless, for the time as we know it is fast imploding into that space of ebbing away, that we may call then that which now becomes the zone or sector that we welcome then as 'null zone,' as old and obsolete timings fade away. To let alone the ploy of night and day, to fast recede as all becomes still and clearly likened to the timelessness that we were born from as in those days of inception when the manifestation was immaculately conceived, for so it surely was and is to be. Such words spill forth from this pure, small, heart space yet here to share the glowing, growing embers of the embracing, emblazening fires of new life and all that surely is to be. Be still and assured that all is wonderfilled with glee, as life and light go hand in hand for one and all to clearly surely see........

Namaste, Aristotle

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