Trials and Tribulations of a Light Worker

There are times I feel misplaced, forgotten, or born in the wrong time. While so much of the information I receive and share reflects a different reality, my struggle is with the reality I can actually see. Matters not that I KNOW, in my heart that what I see is an illusion. Matters not that for the most part, I KNOW I have been protected from the worst scenarios – in just about every instance I can remember. IT matters NOT because feeling lonely, neglected, ignored or ridiculed is real in this ugly and harsh world. While I do not feel this way often, I still do have these feelings. Owning these feelings is as uncomfortable as it is irritating. Irritating because the feelings are not rational, but they are still real. Reality is what I perceive in the world. Your reality is what you perceive in the world. By seeing things only in a specific way, the door to infinity closes. We, you and I are expansive, never ending and ever evolving divine beings. It is just the believing in this reality that is difficult. Guess I am saying to you and to me, hang in. I know why I am here, even though I still resist, kicking and screaming NO, I don’t want to do…. Hang in because we are a whole planet of divine beings, most who do not understand that they, just like GOD are indeed, divine. Because God does not make JUNK. Because God loves everyone, saint and sinner alike. Because GOD IS LOVE. We are sent here, we CHOOSE to be here to PARTICIPATE. All we have to do is share love with everyone. And it is the most difficult task ever assigned. EVER! Hang IN! Thanks for reading and have a most blessed week! Michelle